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MSNBC hires controversial ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page as legal analyst

  1. "MSNBC hires controversial ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page as legal analyst

    MSNBC announced on Friday that it has hired former FBI lawyer Lisa Page as an NBC News and MSNBC national security and legal analyst.

    Page made her debut as an MSNBC analyst during "Deadline: White House" alongside former Mueller probe prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, who appears to have been rehired by the network after they severed ties after it was announced he was hosting a Biden fundraiser, which was ultimately canceled.

    Both Page and Weissmann offered legal analysis on the ongoing feud between President Trump and Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser over the presence of outside troops.

    https://www.foxnews.com/media/ex-fbi-lawyer-lisa-page-msnbc-legal-analyst "

    This reminds me of universities hiring Weathermen
    terrorist bombers.
  2. Yuz gots to be ****ten me!!!
  3. No surprise. All the coup plotters will be hired by either the DNC or the MSM and paid 4x what they were working for the government. Since none of them will ever be punished, it's just a good career move to try to remove a Republican president.
  4. Maybe she'll say somthing incriminating.
  5. Crime does pay. Just look at fox news hiring Donna Brazile.

    MSM is as corrupt as social media and government.

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  6. Do they really want to hire every single coup plotter?
    I'm just waiting to see them this coming fall twisting and turning, trying to explain why half of their contributors are in prison.
  7. Sleazy companies wire Sleazy people. They just go together.
  8. Maybe she was hired for her other ability? ........................concubine
  9. Quite the opposite - now in the protected class known as the drive-by MSM EneMedia. Much like Hillary Rodham "hiring" all her co-conspirators as "legal counsel".
  10. Sharpton’s?

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  11. She has become a professional presstitute.
  12. MSNBC? Really? She must be working cheap because only 12 people watch MSNBC. The advertizers can't be paying too many of the bills there.
  13. :headscratch:


    Oh, wait, it's not a gag?

  14. 58291856-7F9D-4110-A1ED-B88A926C1EAF.jpeg

    Yep, that’s where we’re living.
  15. She does have a pretty mouth.

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  16. lisa page.jpg
  17. Perfect match.
  18. Still whoring I see.
  19. She is a snake and a pathological liar. Should fit right in at MSNBC.
  20. Nothing Would happen if she did !
  21. she gonna give tips on how to alter 302s and then lie about it? This is nothing but a ploy to try to white wash her image before barr gets ahold of her
  22. The mascara will flow.....
  23. Hasn't she already said and written plenty of things that incriminate her? I guess no one can really tell.
  24. Traitors used to be hung, now they get TV gigs.
  25. They needed to make up for the fact they lost Michael Avenatti as their legal analyst... :upeyes:

  26. :laughabove:
  27. MSDNC has just hired the cop who killed George Floyd to be their law enforcement analyst and commentator.
  28. Precisely. It's unbelievable.
  29. They take care of their own. It's a club.
  30. Michael is very much alive and living walking distance from me. The July trial has not been put off. The local trial was continued to December over the objections of his one man lawyer firm. That lawyer of record is complaining about his own underlying medical conditions and wanted the trial put off to 2021. That is unfair to the client who has always wanted a speedy trial and an opportunity to present the facts.

    Never believe any lawyer who says on behalf on himself or a client that he represents that he wants a full trial and an opportunity to speak with facts. Poor Mike never testified at his last trial.
  31. No matter how much we post that nothing will happen to any of these coup plotters, the faithful still hold out hope. It really is a ‘club’, and most of the criminals have already moved on to cushy gigs in media and/or lobbying. Not one of them is held to account for their crimes. Without a fear of being held accountable, this is only going to get worse as they realize there is nothing they can’t do. Hold on to your horses. Got preps?
  32. Someone needs to go to prison, then the snakes will be knocking each other over to testify against someone... Until someone is actually punished, no one will fear reprisals.
  33. 4 years and still no one held accountable. Well, except for 3-4 Republicans and a conservative or two. They were illegally and viciously attacked by the criminal cartel at DOJ. This is the very top of our government, except for the President, and there is much evidence that even he was directing it all. No, nothing will happen, and we will continue the slide toward the abyss.
  34. Will she give advice on dating multiple married guys at the same time?
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