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MSM covers up Christopher Dorner’s hard-Left political views

  1. http://twitchy.com/2013/02/07/msm-covers-up-christopher-dorners-hard-left-political-views/
  2. He's full-on psycho. But if you expect the MSM to report his politics, HA! Now if he praised the Tea Party or said he listened to Rush every day, well, that's different of course naturally.
  3. NOTHING the major news outlets say is believable. Fox is the only one that has any credibility left...and sometimes I wonder about them too. Of course MSN, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN are the worst!

  4. Why wouldn't they? It doesn't fit the narrative of the right wing whack job the MSM created and exploits.
  5. Exactly that.
  6. you should see the hit piece Fox did on LaPierre today calling him a "police wonk"
  7. Did anyone here honestly expect any differently? It is going to be a hole in reporting. They'll push "gun nut" but not "left wing." Watch.

    They'll fit this guy into their agenda yet.
  8. The bias in the media isn't what they report, it's what they don't report, and the stories they do report, it's what they choose to focus on.
  9. I'm a peace loving kind of person but I find it extremely hard not to hate liberals and what they are doing to this country on so many levels.
  10. Psycho.

    Rails against assault weapons, no one needs 'em….then commits murder with one, which is obviously ok with him.

    What the actual…

    spews love and daisies for the left and the MSM, though i repeat myself…

    You have to be psychotic to have any love for the left. Case closed, shoot on sight, I say.
  11. I find it hard to believe that so many people obsess about violent right wing reactionaries when the vast majority of ideologically motivated violence comes from the left.

    I would wish that they could capture and try him but I don't see any likelyhood that his mental state or the real facts of the case (if they in fact differ from the official line) would ever be brought before the public regardless, so I guess they might as well just cap him and be done. Sad that I no longer expect truth from anyone unless they are family.

    I look at his face in that one picture and I just don't see crazy. Driven over the edge, maybe, but not Charles Manson crazy evil.
  12. There were a few Right wing nuts but the numbers pale in comparison to the left's. But the SPLC only make lists of "hate groups" which all seem to be either racists anti semites, and conveniently forget about the Marxist hate groups.
  13. I see alot of bitter resentment fed by delusion and projection.

    I also see the same in many of his admirers like Jessie Jackson.
  14. Looks like he has most of the 'looney left' positions covered. He may already be at mountain temp, unless he got away in a getaway car.

  15. What assault weapon did he use to commit murder? I have not seen this in any news reports.
  16. What you give you the idea that they are there to inform the uninformed?
  17. I am thinking he switched vehicles and left a false trail. He might be in Mexico.
  18. You sure they didn't call him a "policy wonk"?

  19. Article said "police wonk"

    I think it was an error, but it is what it said.

    Mr. HE:cool:
  20. Of course they are. The left embraces their nutcases and hides their mental disorders.
  21. You are the reason, Mr. Dorner. It’s due to people like you we need an AR15.
  22. The state controlled media/media controlled state rolls on.
  23. Also it was an AP article posted on foxnews. It was sloppy and poorly written even for a hatchet job.
  24. I red the 'manifesto' when the story first broke and all of the bullet points at the bottom were not part of it. They showed up hours later where the copy I red stopped with his gripes with the lapd.
  25. Last week Rush was reading this guy's manifesto. He was making fun of the left.

    He also pointed out that if people in CA would give up their guns, there would be no danger from Mr. Dorner. :whistling:
  26. This isn't new, John Wayne Gacey was a Democrat activist. Had his picture taken with Rosalynn Carter. Didn't hear much about that when he was killing people either.