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MS Arc Touch Mouse $20

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Ogreon, Jul 5, 2011.

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    Oct 3, 2006
    I just got this mouse from Costco. Last month they were $38 (with instant rebate) but I put it off. Today they were $20, so I got one.

    Short review - I like it.
    Long review - see below.

    This is the most elegant looking mouse that I have ever seen. Much better looking than the earlier Arc Mouse. (For most deadly tacti-cool looking, I'd probably go with the RAT).

    When laid flat, this thing is thinner than a Kel Tec P32. If you need a computer mouse to balance out your mouse gun, this is the one. Pop it in a shirt pocket and go. The wireless dongle is held under the mouse by a magnet, which holds it securely.

    A bunch of little "clicky" joints fold down to give the mouse its arc shape (and turns the mouse on). I like this shape. At home, I tend to use the mouse on my leg. My thumb and fingers curl under the arc to give a great grip.

    Two Duracell AA are included. When these die I will pop in some rechargeable ones. (I prefer this to built-in batteries).

    Some people have complained about the buttons being to hard to depress (personally I prefer happy buttons). The grip that I use places my fingers up at the forward edge of the buttons. I have no problems with the buttons. Trying to hold the mouse farther back greatly increases the difficulty.

    The sensor is up at the front of the mouse. This should mean less wrist movement to move the cursor around. I like it so far.

    The wheel is replaced by a little touch pad. When scrolled up and down, it pulses to simulate the little tics found in most wheels. It also makes a little clicking sound. These can be disabled if preferred.

    Tapping the touch pad once will cause the scroll to move up or down (depending on which part of the pad is tapped). A quick flick up or down will scroll much farther. A slow slide will mimic the normal use of a wheel.

    The middle button function, requires a double tap on the touch pad.

    The wireless is working well so far. I've had a lot of problems with wireless mice in the past, so I gave up on them for a few years.