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MRT: Minor Rant Thread (what's yours?)

  1. Thought I'd try making a place on GT for airing minor daily annoyances of life not worth their own topic of discussion. Especially things you can't personally do anything about. IRS, the flavor of Arby's sauce gone to hell, ineffective compression stockings, whatever. If you're annoyed, tell us. Misery loves company.

    For instance, it really ticks me off that it's 2020, and there are 1080p blurays available for Batman (1966), Gilligan's Island, Star Trek, Columbo, Hart to Hart, Charlies Angels, Rockford Files, Little House on the Prairie, and many other shows of the 60's-80's. Good, bad, and ugly.

    But not Starsky & Hutch. Still stuck with crap DVD's. What the hell?

    giphy (5).gif
  2. Arby’s changed their sauce?!?!? Say it ain’t so!
    And masks making smudges on my glasses @&:$;& me off.
  3. No it was just a 'fer instance.' The type of thing to complain about here ... your mask thing is a good one.
  4. Dual exhaust on inline 4s. WTF
  5. Minor rant:

    - Paper straws come in plastic wrappers.

    - Plastic straws come in paper wrappers.

    That is all.
  6. And a lot of times it isn't even really a dual exhaust. I'd be ashamed to drive one.
  7. You still use Blu-ray in 2020? I got rid of my Blu-ray player years ago. I thought everyone was streaming these days?

    Gripes? Same as they always have been...the general population seems be getting more and more stupid. Oh, and left lane drivers who hold up traffic. They drive me nuts too. They must have a tub of hand lotion and a box of tissues in their car to not notice the line of traffic behind them.

  8. The gripe is no 1080p (if not better). I don't think the Starsky & Hutch DVD's you can get are 480p even. Most of the good shows in the 60's-70's were shot on 35mm film. They could make 4k releases if they wanted to. Some shows were shot on videotape though, and will forever be 480p. Starsky & Hutch was definitely on 35mm though (you can check that for any show on IMDB).

    But yea, I prefer Bluray or quality bandwidth downloads.
  9. It's a real pain in the the ass to find a box of Strike Anywhere matches.
  10. Android software updates that screw all my **** up.
  11. #1 all time for me is when people don’t putt their carts in the cart area and instead leave them in the middle of the parking lot.
    And loud exhausts..
  12. Why are SD cable channels still a thing? We have 4k TVs and we're moving to 8k. The bottom rung for cable TV channels should be 1080p HD by now. SD channels are just a waste of bandwidth.
  13. Cops surrendering their guns on TV shows
  14. I'm saving up for Festivus. It'll be here before you know it.
  15. The elastic on my sweat pants always gives up the ghost long before the fabric is ready for the rag pile.

    Therefore I always end up having to tie a simple knot in the drawstring to keep my pants up.

    9 times out of 10 that knot will be a cinch (pun intended) to untie.

    But 1 time out 10 . . . when I REALLY need to go to the bathroom REALLY bad . . . that knot will become IMPOSSIBLE to untie. The more I try to untie it . . . the tighter the knot!

    And if you have ever tried to thread a drawstring all the way around the waist in a pair of sweatpants . . . you will understand WHY I am reluctant to just cut the darn thing!!!
  16. :rant:
  17. The Airing of Grievances? I took that to be more on a personal level. You gather your family, and tell them about all the ways they've disappointed you. LOL
  18. Cops on TV not shooting people who point guns at them. Makes real LEO look bad. :fist:
  19. I still use DVDs!
  20. Minor rants, pet peeves, gripes, complaints, whinging, *****ing, airing of grievances, etc. Mox nix...

    Over the past decade or so, I've had a variety of co-workers of various ages with whom I have taken road trips.

    As background, I don't use the cupholders in my car for cups because they are full of pocket knives, store-specific discount cards, ID badge, gift cards, charging cords, and other things I want to keep handy, but out of sight in the lidded compartment that doubles as the cupholders.

    Every one of my co-workers who have been millennials have (and are the only ones who have) rummaged through my console compartments without asking. And, not only do they open up the compartments uninvited, but they actually start pushing all the contents around to make room for their stupid frappe-latte-fru-fru Starbucks cups that their little addicted selves can't be found without.


    ...it's going to be ok, it's going to be ok.. <...breathing slow, deep breaths...>
  22. Hear, hear!!

    Everyone else's stuff is ****, but your **** is stuff!! Inside your own car, at least.
  23. Coworkers asking for ammo. Quote from the Godfather-I dont recall the last time you invited me into your home for a cup of coffee........
  24. Grrrr.. Harley riders with straight pipes!! :fist:
  25. "DO IT ONLINE" is the final straw in lousy customer service!

    When they say that, it means "we made a program that may or may NOT be functional". It's all on you to make it work OR whine to the right people to figure out why.

    YOU must figure out how their stinkin' program works.

    If it doesn't work right, YOU are responsible for not responding to the business at hand.

    Uppercase letters, OR lower case input. YOU figure it out!

    If the program "F's" up, just TRY to get Human Help! YOU are screwed!

    If they change their stinkin' program, they may forget to list the new instructions to help the user. YOU figure it out!

    Rant off.
  26. Customers chatting up the checkout people at the grocery store. Yes, I get that I now live in a beautiful, smaller, rural area and people are much friendlier, but the conversation is grinding the check-out to a halt.

    Catch up on break or call her later.
  27. I hate the fact that most of what I've been told over the years either cannot be proven or is a flat out lie meant to control what people think.

    I also hate the fact that the majority of people I interact with on any given day not only believe these lies but will become hostile, the instant you question the chosen narrative.
  28. I was going to pass by this thread, then the first horror story mentioned is crapped up Arby's sauce OMG... then to find out it wasn't true...I'm all warm and fuzzy now.

  29. And the ones you DO find are not really strike-anywhere matches.
  30. Being behind someone at a red light -

    They have their window rolled down 5 inches - hand with cigarette hanging out -

    Like they don’t want the cigarette- or don’t like smoke.

    Then they flick the ashes- take a quick drag - then put hand back out.
  31. Yep- looked high and low- finally found them at a local big supermarket- they were 99 cents a box........gotta go back.
  32. People who block the aisle at the grocery store while they chit chat or stare mindlessly at stuff on the shelves.

    Get some freaking situational awareness and move the cart off to the side. It's not that hard.
  33. Racking up a bunch of "Likes" on a thread that get's disappeared. Lot of time and effort invested gone to pot by the mod who is feeling grumpy.
  34. Machts nichts.
  35. Don't get me started.....
  36. No, that's what this thread is for. Getting you started.

    Well? Go on, then ...
  37. Bread bag ties being left hand threaded.....sometimes.
  38. Having to make an appointment to get a haircut from the barber college. Dealing with karens.
  39. Doch, aber es macht nichts...
  40. People that can't drive worth a ****. Same people can't push a shopping cart worth a ****.
  41. W H A T is the D E A L with T H A T ?!?!?!?!?

    I would like to know!?!?!?!?!?

    That's almost as bad as my sweatpants rant. You keep fiddling with it and fiddling with it.
    And it just keeps getting tighter and tighter and tighter! I gotta make a sammich. Darn it!
  42. Bread bag ties NOT being left hand threaded.....most times.
  43. Recliners with electric motors. They don't f'n work when the power goes out in a hurricane.
  44. WalMart is your friend. Blue diamond, look in sporting goods with the camping gear.
  45. Landsmann?
  46. When you need it most.
  47. Ok, I'm going to try them but if I can't shoot them out of a Red Rider, onto concrete, and light them....they are not the true Strike-Anywhere.
  48. I found them at a local hardware store (Mac's).