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    Sep 15, 1999
    Some months ago I was considering buying a dozen entree MRE's. I planned on keeping them when I did not bring dinner at work. What I read about them was that they work in a pinch, but that your you have pretty severe stomach bad things going on if you ever ate them several days.

    I Dont know anything about them but was curious what people planning for survival thought of them. I don't really plan on survival supplies, but actually have a month or more of soup and canned stew and veggies and pasta sauce and rice. So if my household had a lack of supply issue I think all Would be good for at least a month. I was thinking I would like a 2 month supply of varied food items, but after reading what I read about mre issues I would address that by keeping double the soup , stew , pasta , rice etc that is normal for us to eat.

    What do you think of mre foods ???