Sig MPX PCC 16”
Gen 2.5/3, whatever you want to call it. It has the most current ejector design.

Bought brand new with the intention of shooting USPSA PCC division. Only ended up shooting 5 matches with it. Under 1000 rounds through it. I just Prefer to shoot carry optics.

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$1500 shipped Includes:
Hiperfire Eclipse trigger (I DO NOT have the stock Timney)
Armaspec 45° ambi safety
Odinworks ambi mag release
Next Level Armament CH and lifter block
Magpul MOE grip
2 mags w/ trimmed spring guide, holds 34 rounds
1 mag with Springer Precision extension and extended base pad, holds 47 rounds

$2000 shipped with the below included:
Holosun 510C w/ ADM lower 1/3rd QD. Also has the Holosun 1/3rd plate. Optic centerline sits around 1.78”
Holosun 407C X2 w/ Arisaka offset mount
2 Weber Tactical mag pouches for RH shooter. I drilled an extra set of holes to use my DAA Alpha rail. Does not effect factory holes. No attachments included.