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    This is not my class. the following is a cut/paste from Bill Regina, a LEO in NW Missouri.

    I've taken a training class with Bill Regina before and I enjoyed it thoroughly. For those that havent shot F/A or specifically a MP5, it's a great chance to take a training class that happens to be local to the Kansas City area (St. Joseph). To sign up for the automated emails regarding his handgun, pistol, and low light training classes, click on the link:
    (2) MP5 training sessions at the end of Feb.
    Both of the initial classes will be held at the St. Joe indoor range.

    The 1st session will be an 8 hr. training block on Sat., Feb 27th from 10 am to 6 pm.
    The 2nd session will be a 4 hr. training block on Sun., Feb 28th from 1 to 5 pm.

    Here is what will be covered in each session:
    * Operation, takedown and assembly of the gun-
    * Loading and unloading-
    * Marksmanship--single fire and full auto
    * Malfunction drills
    * Reloads
    * Transitions
    * Shooting and Moving
    * Use of Cover

    The 8 hr. session will cover all the above listed plus the additional:
    * Useful shooting positions
    * Room Clearance drills
    * Two person tactics
    * Cleaning and maintenance
    * Low light training time (guns have Surefire forends)

    Equipment needed: Handgun and holster, 25 rds of handgun ammo. Eye and ear protection, ball cap, kneepads if you have them, we have some to loan. Something to drink (I will have bottled water) Flashlight. You will receive an MP5 manual to keep.

    For the near future to insure the guns are in proper working order and kept that way and safety, the range will require that ammunition be bought from them. Most ranges require that range owned full auto guns use their ammo anyway, so this is not unusual. These are prior LE guns so they are well maintained and just broken in. They are not junk guns.

    We have been able to get the ammo at $12 a box of 50. Not the best price out there, but not bad, and if I can get it lower by then I will. I make no money off the gun rental cost or ammo. $dollar wise if you were bringing your own ammo and you got it at 10 bucks a box of 50, buying the ammo for this class will run you an extra $16 or $20 over using you own ammo. Reloads were never allowed in this class—factory ammo only.

    Anyone who has taken a class with me knows that most of my 4 hr classes run $50 and my 8 hr classes run $100, and I have not increased my prices for 8 years. For this class we have to add a $25 gun fee (which is cheap and goes to the range). So the 8 hr class will be $125 and the 4 hr class will be $75. I am paying the range fess which are @1/2 the class cost.

    So here is the breakdown:

    Sat: Feb 27th Class: $125 / 400 rds of ammo $96 / Total: $221.00
    Sun: Feb 28th Class: $75 / 200 rds ammo $48 / Total $123.00

    If you would like to shoot more and we probably will, you may buy extra ammo. The range requires that you run only their ammo through the gun.

    As I have previously stated this will not be a run and gun class—this will be a certified MP5 Operator class and you will be able to run the gun like it should be at the end of class. Good gun handling skills and safety are a prerequisite. If I don't think you're up to the class I will tell you.

    I know of only one other person in the Midwest, (the guy that trains me) and only a few in the country that offer any full auto classes and supply the gun, let alone offer them to the general public. Front Sight does it with an Uzi---and their one day class is $1000.

    The class will be limited in size, 12 to 15, depending on the response. We have (5) MP5's to utilize. If there is more interest for the 8 hr than the 4 hr class we will run (2) 8 hr classes, one on Sat and one on Sun—or pick another weekend as soon as we need to.

    I apologize for the long post but I don't want there to be any misunderstandings. I am trying to keep the cost as low as possible but I don't have control over the whole process.

    To Sign up:
    Contact Bill Regina 816-699-4005
    email: [email protected]
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    That is awesome. This is the range/gunstore that I bought my glock 19 at. I live in Saint Joseph! I didn't know that they offered MP5 courses!