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Moving to WA state, possibly

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Apologies if this has been asked.
I have done some reading and some search to not find a "correct" answer.
Things are happening in my life, and moving to WA state is a semi-viable option.
For anyone who has done the move from CA, or other state that requires gun registration, what needs to happen? Just take them with me and not do anything?
My understanding from the reading I have done, is that they do not have to be registered, except for buying from dealer, and not PPT?
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I lived in Tacoma for close to 14 years from 2000 to late 2013. We fell in love with Pac NW. it is friggin beautiful. Bought my first handgun and rifle there. In and out of the store in 45 min. Let’s face it WA has a long way to go to catch up to CA anti 2A madness but it’s well on the way. Like CA few ultra liberal metro areas control the rest of the state. Most of the state is conservative. But it is on the wrong path and like others said I’d never move back. Let’s face it. The country’s west coast is lost. Our hope is that west coast cancer is contained. If you can, check out Idaho and Montana. Even Oregon isn’t as infected. In any case best of luck.

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