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Moving to TX in 2 weeks.. How to handle pistols?

  1. OK, the time has come. Rifles and all ammo are riding with me, what to do with pistols?

    I know im not driving cross country with 6 pistols, as Im going to FFL them to a dealer in DFW, but I guess im over analysing this and getting myself confused. I know i need to wait 6 mo's to apply for a permitt so that i can carry a gun, but the day I move to TX can I collect them from the dealer and just be restricted to having them in my home?

    Curveball.. TX now accepts NY permitt's.. will this make things better/easier?
  2. Assuming from your comments that you currently have a New York concealed carry permit, I suggest the following.

    Got to the New Hampshire state website and apply for a New Hampshire non-resident license. It costs about $20 and turn around time from here in Texas was less than 2 weeks. This will give you legality almost all the way to Texas. See this map from www.handgunlaws.us


    You will notice you can carry through Pennsylvania and then ecounter a "barrier" with Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia where you cannot carry concealed. However, check with these states' laws to see if you can have a handgun in the passenger area or not. Probably not except Virginia In any case, you can have them secured in the trunk of your vehicle while traveling and be completely legal. Virgina is an open carry state without a license so I would swing through that state to get clear of that "barrier" after briefly securing the handgun in the trunk in Maryland.

    After that you are legal to carry concealed with the New Hampshire license until you get to Texas. Then in Texas your New York license will work.

    Texas no longer requires a 6 month waiting period to apply for a CHL if you have truly established residency. In any case, you may use the NY license as long as it is valid. Be aware that NY may cancel your license once you establish residency here.

    I know that this may seem a bit involved but it will allow you to either carry concealed or carry open (in Virginia) for the whole trip except a brief time passing through Maryland.

    Of course you should use packing.org and/or handgunlaw.us and use what ever other sources you may need to confirm this information to your own satisfaction.

    I hope this helps some. Have a safe trip.
  3. I'm pretty sure the Firearms Owner Protection Act of '86 made all state laws about transport null and void. So long as the firearm is unloaded and inaccesible and you are legal where you start and where you stop, you are legal.

    But don't count on any local police being aware of any of that. But that goes for any firearms law.
  4. You are legal to transport all your firearms interstate, if they are locked in the trunk and unloaded. Federal law. Even thru NY and DC.

    Once in Texas you MUST apply for state residency within 30 days. State law. Which will make those other permits void.

    Just reapply in Texas.

  5. Thanks for the info guys!

    I know it will cost more to have them shipped via FFL transfer as opposed to taking them with me, but since im in a pickup (the endless debate as how to lock in the trunk that isnt present), combined with the fact that we will be staying in unknown motels, as well as my truck getting broken into two weeks ago, has me thinking id rather not have them unattended in my truck while taking the trip.

    It sounds like I can ship them to myself via FFL to TX and since my NYS CCW is valid until I apply for TX res. (asap) I should be good. Not worried about being able to carry, as much as just getting them back into my possesion ASAP.

    THX again for the info, I'll hit the suggested links! :thumbsup:
  6. I don't think you qualify for a transfer in texas.

    Until you are a state resident I don't think an ffl could transfer your own firearms back to you. He would have to hold them until you could prove your a texas resident.

    I'm not sure, you should check that.

  7. Patriot is quite correct. Federal Law prohibits FFL's from transferring handguns to non-residents. The Gun Control Act of 1968 and, perhaps, subsequent Federal legislation applies here. My advice is to keep them with you, secured according to state law. Once you get here, there is no license to own required, only the Texas CHL to carry.
  8. Just drive with your guns. Double check the laws. If they do not work for you just buy an M44 and keep it ready while keeping your pistols locked. I drove from San Diego to TX non stop and had all my weapons with me in my pick-up truck. It was a bit cramped but worked out. I was within the law because I have a FL CCW and the only problem state was CA.

    If TX honors NY CCW then you can use it until expiration. Just make sure you apply for the TX CCW a year prior just in case it gets delayed.

    Good luck.