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Movie: The Guardian

  1. I finally saw the movie "The Guardian". If there are any helicopter rescue people or rescue swimmers here, my hat's off to you!

    Go Coasties!
  2. That movie is full of sh%t.
  3. proheromk1,

    Actually the movie was fairly accurate of what the airdales do. Yes, there is dramatization and inaccuaracies of the CG. However, just like the Perfect Storm, it was a HOLLYWOOD MOVIE that was created for entertainment purpose.:upeyes:
  4. Not that I care to argue it, but that movie is one BIG innaccuracy. All it has done is the same thing Top Gun did for the Navy. Now everyone you meet says, "oh, do you jump out of helicopters?" Not realizing that the rescue swimmer corp. is what, maybe 300 out of @ 40,000. My hat does go of to the rescue swimmers, but lets be realistic, that movie was an absolute embelishment, an innaccurate one at that. And believe me, I am not the only person in the CG that feels that way. For the most part anyone who IS NOT an airdale shares that perception.
  5. Could you guys elaborate on what was inaccurate in it? I personally loved it, keeping in mind that there was a little bit of Hollywood in it. Actually it was what prompted me to do some more research into the Coast Guard, and I'm still fairly impressed with what I've found. I realize that rescue helicopters are not the only aspect of the Coast Guard. From an outsider's perspective I considered it to be a tribute (however "Hollywoodized") to the entire USCG.
  6. I'd also like to know what about the movie is inaccurate. I realize that not everyone in the USCG is a rescue swimmer, and everyone in the Navy isn't a fighter pilot, but how many tickets would sell to a movie about "Bill, Computer tech for the United States Coast Guard"?
  7. It wasn’t too far from being accurate, keeping in mind the “glamorizing effects” from Hollywood
  8. I really enjoyed the movie. As a CG veteran from the 70's I remember just how gutsy the Helo-boys were. They are a very important arm of the Guard, but the CG is made up of many units working as a team. I was a RM on a old 255 WPG, and have copied SOS's and been involved in a bunch of rescues. I say it's about time the Guard got some recognition and some "Hollywood" time.....it is truly the most under rated and least talked about of all our military. The NYPD has more men than the CG.....let's give them a few hoorays for a job well done!!

    Semper Paratus