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    Warning! Spoilers!

    He dies.
    She dies.
    Pretty much all of them die.
    She and the cat live, the rest of them die.
    She and the girl and the dopey marine live, the rest of them die.
    She finally dies.
    She lives again.
    He dies, she sings over the body.
    The other guy's mother forgives him and then he dies.
    They live!
    They live, but are reduced to savages.
    They live by eating each other.
    He gets Lou Gehrig's disease.
    It's a sled.
    He leaves her; she goes home.
    He stays, she leaves with her husband.
    He leaves without her, she stays with her husband.
    She goes home, with her little dog too.
    They have a problem, but they get home.
    He was home all the time.
    He wins.
    He loses.
    He wins the rematch.
    He loses, but that makes him a winner.
    He goes the distance.
    The shoe fits.
    They get married.
    They don't get married.
    The day is saved.
    The city is saved.
    The world is saved.
    The spy saves the world single-handedly and gets the girl.
    The spy saves the world with the help of some ninjas and gets the girl.
    The world is destroyed.
    The boat sinks.
    The Russians think the boat sinks.
    They prove his innocence.
    He proves his own innocence.
    They escape from the Nazis.
    Freedom for Scotland?
    Freedom for whales?
    There's only one.
    His mother's dead and he's nuts.
    Her son's dead and she's nuts.
    Her favourite author is injured and she's nuts.
    He's nuts, and now he's on the loose.
    He's nuts, and still on the loose.
    She's a guy!
    He's a girl!
    He's a wizard!
    He's Batman.
    The government buries it in a warehouse.
    They get off the island.
    His father saves his life.
    Ollie's in another fine mess and Stan is sorry.
    It was really the good sister that tried to kill the bad sister.
    'Twas beauty killed the beast.
    He coulda been a contender.
    Mr. Blandings builds his dream house.
    He built it; they came.
    They killed the wrong ape.
    He wants to live again.
    They ride off into the sunset.
    They live happily ever after.
    It's made from people.
    It's made of lead.
    The butler did it.
    The good guy did it.
    The one we all thought was dead did it.
    The first guy who really did die did it.
    They all did it, and get away with it.
    Nobody did it.
    The traitor is the colonel who sent them on the mission in the first place.
    After a desperate battle, the Zulu give up.
    It was all a dream. Or was it?
    It was all an implanted memory. Or was it?
    He's a replicant. Or is he?
    He is destroyed by his own hubris.
    He is destroyed by the creation of his own hubris.
    He's one of the dead people the kid sees.
    He's dead, but he still protects his girlfriend.
    The nuns sing.
    The sailors sing.
    Everybody sings.
    It was full of stars.
    It's a test, and he gets the chocolate factory.
    One robot survives to garden in peace.
    The police chief is on the take.
    The boy shoots the dog.
    They find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers, and him.
    He makes sure his mother falls in love with his father.
    He makes sure the mother lives, and becomes the father.
    He commits the final sin.
    The band gets back together.
    The kids are his opus.