Motorized DWI chair back up for sale

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    Auction No. 3 in works for Proctor's DWI recliner

    This is the motorized chair that Dennis LeRoy Anderson of Proctor was operating when he hit a parked vehicle on Aug. 31, 2008. Anderson pleaded guilty to a DWI charge on Oct. 19.

    The Proctor Police Department is no longer in possession of its famous DWI chair.

    But it’s still not sold.

    The motorized recliner seized after a drunken driving accident failed to sell in two eBay auctions. In the first auction it was bid up to $40,000 but that auction was canceled over a La-Z-Boy trademark issue. On the second attempt it “sold” for $10,000, but the winning bidder backed out.

    Now the chair is in the hands of Oberfoell Auctioneers in Buhl. Oberfoell, which runs an online auction site called, plans to have it up for sale in the next week or two.

    Then it’s up to the bidders.

    “If we do our marketing campaign right and we get 10 to 15 people bidding on a specific item, it’s going to go for what it’s worth,” said sales manager Bart Kyte.

    And that’s just fine by Proctor Police Chief Walker Wobig.

    “Someone’s going to be a proud owner of this motorized chair here, hopefully within the week. ... And best wishes to them.”