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Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by Edmond Dantes, Aug 12, 2006.

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    There was a guy who just got a new motorcycle. He saw another guy with a motorcycle and asked him how he kept his seat dry when it rained. The man said to put some vaseline on the seat and the rain just rolls off.

    Later the guy takes his girlfriend to dinner at her parents house, but she says to him that there is a rule at her house during dinner. She contiues to explain that no one talks during dinner or whoever talks washes the dishes. He says okay whatever. So they enter the house and the guy notices that there are dirty dishes everywhere, piled to the ceiling.

    They sit and eat dinner and he looks around and thinks to himself, this is weird no one is talking. He decides to try and stir up things so he starts to make out with his girlfriend at the table and proceeds to do the nasty with her. She doesn't make a sound. So he decides to do the same to her mom, still not a sound. He looks out the window and sees that it begins to rain so he pulls out he jar of vaseline. Then his girfriend's father says okay, okay, i'll do the dishes!