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Most Concealable "Tight to Body" OWB Holster - Advice Please

  1. I'm looking for a very "tight to the body" OWB holster for a Glock 26. (I've always worn AIWB) but am looking for something more comfortable). Also advice on best positions to wear OWB for maximum concealment. I'll wear a buttoned shirt or t-shirt, untucked, in summertime.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Something flat kydex. With a firm loop on each side of the pistol, not behind it.

    Raven Concealment, Bravo, KT, or any of those copies.
  3. A good belt is just as important. I now have a couple of Kore belts and they're the nicest I've used.

    I've always found that leather or at least a leather backer to be more comfortable than an all kydex holster. I have my 26 in a bianchi shadow II and it's tight and comfortable.
  4. I've got a leather pancake for my gp100 that holds it high and tight. Some brand I never heard of, 1791 I think???? And to the above poster and the kore gun belt, I have one and love it. I hope to never have to go back to a traditional gun belt. Absolutely love the thing.
  5. I carry a G23 owb at 3-330 about 90% of the time and my tightest holster is my Galco combat master.
    The cant is important also with owb. The more forward cant, the less the butt sticks out behind you.
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    Look no further than Glock's own "Combat Holster'' for like $15.00. Pair that with an Aeres Aegis belt and it is by far the tightest fit to your body holster available. I easily conceal Glock 17 under t shirt it hugs that tightly to the body.
  7. This.
  8. Kramer horsehide OWB belt scabbard. My EDC gun has ridden in one of these since the early 90s, different guns over the years, last 15 years mainly a Glock 19. I also have one for my 26. Carried my duty SIG P220 in one during my plain clothes days, and my off-duty SIG P239 was carried in one.

    During the time we lived in the Pac NW, my wife carried her SIG P228 in one on a daily basis, she used one for a while with her Glock 26s too, until she switched to full-time IWB carry for her 26.

    Can't recommend them enough.
  9. Mitch Rosen express pancake is the best I've found. Quality leather. There is a reason I've got one for each of my carry guns.
  10. Glock Sport/Combat holster gets my vote.

  11. Do you live in a cold climate? One of the reasons that I choose the Bianchi Shadow II is that I'm able to wear it cross draw. I realize that it's more likely to "fan" the people around you when drawing across your body but if you have a heavy coat and clothing on it's much easier to get at your pistol. You don't have to completely open your jacket to access your gun. I don't carry this way often but it sure can be handy to have the option.
  12. Dale Fricke’s Gideon Elite has a small footprint on the belt and keeps the gun tucked in tight. I use one for a G26 at the 2:00 position.
  13. Bravo concealment I run that with all my guns and also their iwb
  14. Great choice and great customer service. The price is competitive too. I often use Bravo Concealment OWB with my Glock 19 and 17. IWB typically Vedder Holsters ...awesome.

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  15. Bravo has a buy one get one free right now guess what all of my hand guns have a bravo now with numerous owb and iwb depending on weather
  16. Pancake holsters and a good belt.

    A consideration with OWB is how low below the belt the bottom of the holster is. Depending on the length of the untucked shirt/T-shirt, it will only cover so much and the bottom of an OWB holster may become exposed. Don't forget normal body motions can cause the shirt to rise up.

    For summer carry, IWB is best for concealment.
  17. Yep...I have one also, for my P10c...they just work and the price is crazy low
  18. Out of my drawer full of wasted money, my Galco concealable belt slide holster and my Fobus Evolution paddle holster are my favorites for my G26 OWB. The Fobus is more comfortable for all day. Here in Florida where I often go shirtless, I mostly pocket carry in a Desantis Nemesis.
  19. Yup. Not cool, not flashy, not high speed / low drag, just a single piece of molded plastic with no character at all, but it's ridiculously cheap, it's durable as all heck, and it simply WORKS.
  20. Vedder LightDraw works well for me.

    Esse quam videri
  21. Hard to been the Glock Sport/Combat "belt slide" holster. Unless, of course, you wear belts that aren't paper-thin. In which case holsters like the Blade-Tech Total Eclipse, and JM Custom Kydex OWB 1 or OWB 2 really start to become a much better option.
  22. acroreef You will probably find a paddle rig fits tightest to your body but there are a number of models pick from still .

    I had a low cost safariland 568 for some years I use with a 4" DW 357mag revolver . Its work far better than some far costlier highly rated pancake holsters I tried for a far lighter lw commander . This holsters a laminate and lined but held up well and has tension adjustment alone with mounting options
    https://www.cheaperthandirt.net/saf...erm=4577679225949265&utm_content=All Products

    Galco has leather body model along with 1791 holsters , and many others really .
  23. The $16 Glock Sport/Combat holster fits very tight to the body and carefully using heat you can make it conform to the shape of the hip. It's a good start anyway.

  24. The Glock Sport is ok for what it is but I don't consider it a replacement for a proper holster.
  25. Kydex, pancake style will ride high & tight. Lots of good choices out. Vedder, Comptac, Bravo, etc. A good rigid belt is very important for owb.
  26. How is it not a "proper holster" ?
  27. In my opinion there are few better for what you asked for than the Don Hume 721.
  28. Probably 'cause it doesn't cost 150 bucks.
  29. Another vote for Kramer!
  30. I'm kinda late to the party here, but Winthrop holsters has a really nice OWB pancake holster for more than half the price of a custom made and a good bit less than Galco, etc......give them an eyeball, you may like what you see....


  31. JM Kydex is the best
  32. I have a Glock holster in a drawer full of holsters my opinion and only my opinion its a peice of shiite
  33. Seriously, I have gone through a whole lot of holsters, and the best will not be expensive or do you need to look very far. I bought one after thinking I had the holster(s) that I needed, and now this is the only holster (I bought another just in case too) I will use with my G26 or G19 And where do I(you) get these? Oh, they cost, (sitting down?), $14. Here is a link: https://store.teamglock.com/accessories/glock-sport-combat-holster.html

    These hug the G19/G26 right to your body, very closely. You may heap my praise and throw flowers in my path whenever we meet. :dancing:

    Aw [email protected], somebody beat me to it. Oh well, I have had many holsters and of course the holster snobs will look down their respective noses, but it is perfect for what you asked for.
  34. Sold all my expensive holsters and now only use the Sport/Combat. Do I carry much? Just everyday. For several hours.
  35. Try a Kramer vertical scabbard or their Speed Scabbard holster. Both holsters hold tight to the body.
  36. Agree with several other posters. Glock Sport/Combat holster.
    Very inexpensive, sturdy enough; and can make it even tighter to the body by lopping your belt over the outside of the holster instead of behind it.
  37. Not sure if this helps you, but more and more I've been experimenting with a cross-draw/OWB set up. Very comfortable standing or especially when sitting.

    You just have to find the right holster, as some C/D holsters I've tried allow the butt of the pistol to sag outward to a greater or lesser extent, thus causing some degree of printing. With smaller pistols like the G26, or single-stacks like a 3" 1911 Colt Defender, printing isn't as much of an issue.

    I've had good luck with the DeSantis 'Sky Cop' C/D rig.
  38. At least ya didn't have to spend $150 to find out you don't like it.
  39. $500 gun and a $14 holster.
  40. I got one of Glock sport holsters. I'm not trashing it but I personally was concerned about what I considered to be weak-ish belt slots. This basically assumes you run your belt behind the holster but those belt slots are thin pieces of plastic. I personally just didn't feel comfortable wearing that in public and relying on those plastic slots. If you run your belt around the outside, it would be less of a concern.
  41. Ever since getting my CCW ten plus years ago, I have done nothing but IWB. I am happy with it, but I am always open to improving things. Question: I assume OWB does not conceal as well, so what do you achieve with OWB? Comfort? Easier to take on/off? Are there people here that do concealed OWB 100% of the time?
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  43. I have been wearing a Glock S/C for years from get up time to bedtime and never had any problem . I bought 2 and one has never been used .
  44. Kramer belt scabbard beats them all.

    Happyguy :)
  45. But it beats the heck out your sweat pants elastic waistband!!! LOL

    I just ordered one today to see what I think. for the price I haven't lost anything except the price of lunch!