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Most accurate out-of-the box 9mm?

  1. Am thinking of buying another 9mm.

    Would like to know what you think, or know to be, is the most inherently accurate pistol out-of-the-box, in 9mm. Meaning without any tweaking or sending the gun to be accurized, what do you recommend? And just what kind of accuracy can be expected?


    Smooth Squeeze
  2. In reality, just about any of them these days.
    Accuracy is dependent on the loose nut holding the grip.
    How accurate? Well are you looking to make a single hole 10 feet away or hit minute of man in SD distances?
    Those things would help with your question.
    Otherwise, find what fits, points as naturally as possible for you and has the features you can't live without.
    Happy Shopping
  3. Sig p210 has always been considered one of the best but is over $2 grand
  4. CZ75 SP-01, all steel no flex, near $600.
  5. No idea, as I don't get to shoot a lot of brand new out of the box guns. However, the one to this day that was the most impressive to me was my Glock 26. It certainly didn't shoot like a small handgun.

    For the money, have been very pleased with both the Buckmark and Ruger 9E. Strangely, the more I practice, the more accurate they get, funny how that works.
  6. Sorry for not being clearer in my original post. While I have a CZ-75b, and it's a great shooter, as well as a Glock 17 and 26, plus some other 9mm, I'm just trying to find out which one will shoot the very tightest groups at 50 yards, assuming the shooter does his part. Might it be a Springfield Range Officer? Another CZ? I've heard there are some phenomenal Glock 17s out there, but then I heard that the owner is an armorer and target shooter, and perhaps has gone through many different guns to find that one Glock that is totally awesome. I'm not looking for something like that, just the best out of the box pistol in 9mm. If it will shoot 1/2" or 1" groups at 50 yards with good ammo, that's a definite plus.
  7. Pretty happy with this especially for the price. My best scores in NRA matches by third time out and they got better each week. Paid under $500 NIB but had to add shipping and FFL so about $550.
  8. For 50yrd bullseye I'd probably lean toward the S&W 952 or one of the purpose built competition 1911s in 9mm.
  9. Never forget the AMMO plays a huge role in accuracy!
    I have found most 147 grn loads shoot more accurately in my 9mms than other bullet weights but the next guy might say his shoot 124 grn better....

    I had always figured that the better accuracy from the 147s may be because they are not trying to break the sound barrier so no sonic waves to deal with....
  10. I've been thinking about a nice 9mm target model myself and have come down to either an HK Expert (or Elite if you can find one) or something from CZ like the Tactical Sport or one of the Custom Shop models like the Shadow CTS LS-B SAO model. All of these fall in or around the $1500 budget I've set for this pistol.

    Truth be told, any of these will be more accurate than I am.
  11. For this question, I will speak in generalities.

    A decent QUALITY (i.e. Smith and Wesson, Sig, C.Z. etc) pistols will generally be able to keep their shots in a 3-5 inch group at 50 yards.

    These pistols will generally cost in the range of 5-800 dollars.

    A dedicated target type pistol will generally be able to keep it's shots in a 2-3 inch groups at 50 yards.

    These pistols will generally run in the 1,500- 4,000 range.

    The question you have to ask yourself is..... Are you able to shoot to a level where you can justify a MULTI THOUSAND Dollar purchase to gain some minute level of improvement.

    It has long been my experience that only a TINY fraction of shooters, are able to approach the levels of accuracy that even standard pistols can provide.

    Now, hopefully a story that is not too boring.

    Back in the early 80's or so, I used to shoot with a fellow that was (to be kind) at best a "fair" shot.

    During those days, there was a form of competition known as P.P.C..

    So our lad buys a N.I.B. Smith and Wesson revolver, never fires it... Sends it out to one of the more famous custom smiths to have it "improved".

    The action got tunes, a custom Extremely heavy Douglas barrel fitted, special custom sight, hammer bobbed for a faster lock time etc..

    Well, our boy puts something on the order of $2,500 1980's Dollars into the project (a princely sum in those days), all in an attempt to "buy skill and accuracy".

    Well, you have probably already guessed.... He could not shoot worth a damn before he sent it out... and, he could not shoot worth a damn when the pistol came back.

    In MY OPINION.... if he had taken an equal amount of money, bought ammo, and spent more time on the range... He would have come much closer to the goal he attempted to simply buy with a custom made target pistol.
  12. Nice. I've had my eye on those for a while. I've heard the trigger is meh. Hows the trigger out of the box?
  13. Real bullseye accuracy- 952 or P210

    Less expensive options- CZ TS, customized 1911, or 929

    The real question is, are you capable of shooting any of them to their potential?
  14. I'm fortunate enough to own all the top 9mms. I've bench tested them extensively.

    The best bang for the buck is the CZ Tactical Sport. They run about $1200 or so brand new.

    While it's not the most accurate, it can hold its own with guns costing many times more.
  15. It's no 1911 but it's better than my 19. I'd put it close to my VP9. But I have the XDm 3.8 .45 so I was a little familiar with what to expect.

    It would be the second thing I changed on it though (I put Talon grip on already)
  16. I would second the P210. Also the Sig X5/X6. My Sig P229 in 9mm is incredibly accurate. I can only imagine what sig can do when making a purpose built target model.
  17. I had to check out the CZ Tac Sport. Nice! Look at this one
  18. That's the TS Orange.
  19. Truth be told, I'm looking for a quality 9mm that I can shoot peaches or oranges at 50 yds. if I do my part. While my eyes aren't what they used to be, if I mount scope or optic on it, I can shoot "good enough," even at longer ranges. Hence my question about "the most accurate" etc.

    Ammo is key, I know. So too is trigger squeeze, etc. etc. etc. Been there, done that. I get it. I also want to find a much better than average semi-auto at a great price, if that is possible.

    First things first. First need to know what others have to say regarding the reputation of the guns regarding accuracy, without looking for a target pistol costing thousands. Then will look into fitting an optic/scope to it. Figure out overall what I'm getting into, and then decide.

  20. Just the kind of response I was hoping to find! Thank you, sir!
  21. Most guns are capable of much greater accuracy than the shooter. For me, the single biggest factor is a good trigger. With that being said, the most "accurate" 9mm I have shot (to date) is my Walther PPQ. Makes it seem easy.
  22. Sig Level One X-five is right up there
  23. Might not be most accurate but my choice was a S&W 952.
  24. I agree. At my club, my CZ 75 TS gets pitted against many, many other 9mm's and it comes out on top every time.
  25. My most accurate 9mm is my CZ 75 SA. If I were to get another I would opt for a custom Shadow or Sport tactical.
  26. Since bac owns them all, and has tested them all, it is highly likely that this is the correct answer.

  27. The most accurate I have been has been with a CZP01.
  28. my most "accurate" pistol out of the box is a HK P7M8. I think the light trigger and fixed barrel lend to its nature. I'm not the expert pistol shot by any means, but the H&K makes me feel better whenever I shoot it.
  29. I'm fond of the CZ SP01 Shadow.

    I would like to try a Tactical Sport in 9MM but, I really don't have a need for one.

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  30. Of the poly pistols the Walther PPQ is the most accurate I've shot.
  31. Probably a Blackhawk Convertible. But I don't think that's what OP had in mind.
  32. Les Baer 1911's are known for extreme accuracy in a pistol.
    1.5" guarantee at 50 yards.
    But they are not cheap.
  33. Lots of good stuff out there. For me, in terms of what I shoot best I keep coming back to the Sig X5 or X6. I still love the 210s though.
  34. I'd have to disagree here.

    Even with 10x more experience behind a G34, I can hit smaller targets farther away with my Tripp tuned STI - both in competition and just goobing around. Same nut behind the gun.

    As far as the most accurate pistol out of the box, maybe a HK SP5k, or SIG MPX?

    Or maybe a Les Baer? Wilson?

    I know some action pistol shooters who say they are faster with a G34, but more accurate with a [quality] 1911. My experience is very similar.

  35. For a small'ish gun, it seems easier to hit small targets than many other "target/competition" guns.

    CDNN had the P7's for a very reasonable price a few years ago. I didn't know anything about them at the time, I regret not buying one now.
  36. Sig 210 , the classic one, not the new cheap one . It's one of the very very best.
  37. Had one. The claim of 1-1/2" groups at 50 yards is true.And that is for ten shots. I tested mine in a Ransome rest with several different types of ammo,including my own hand loads and it spoke the truth.I paid about $1500 for it then,don't know what they would cost today.
  38. For a general production gun, the CZs that have been mentioned are tough to beat. A 1911 built by some of the better semi custom shops would be another option.
  39. Have to disagree, a polymer type duty pistol has no where near the accuracy as some of those mentioned in this thread, nor should they as that is not their purpose.
  40. Yeah. The TS is a specialty pistol for me. I only use it in Steel matches.
  41. That doesn't narrow it down much - if you find any major brand 9mm that won't make a single hole from 10 feet away, you need to either throw it away or work on your shooting or both.

    I recall when a guy my wife and I ended up shooting on a team with, first told her to shoot a hole in a blank piece of cardboard, then shoot the same hole again. Then he showed us how easy it is to do that with any stock Glock.

    I've shot a stock Glock 34 with Winchester white box against revolvers on a course out to 50 yards and easily beat them at the 50 for the win.

    Any modern 9mm is more accurate than all but a few can shoot them.
  42. I disagree back.
  43. So I am thinking of the old lipstick on a Pig quote...in this case, Clothes do Not make the man!
  44. I'd say you seriously need to try some of the best before making an assumption.

    Most of the polymer guns aren't even close to competing with the best.
  45. I think you're splitting hairs. My polymer PPQ is superbly accurate. Now if you're talking about locking them into a bench rest, would some of the steel framed pistols mentioned get tighter groups? Yeah, maybe. But probably only slightly tighter. To say that the polymer guns are "no where near as accurate" is an exaggeration. And if we're talking about off-hand, real world shooting, the difference in accuracy between a good polymer gun and an all steel one is not going to be discernible.
  46. From my experience one of the most accurate 9 mm I have fired is the CZ 75 P-01 This pistol is accurate even out to 25 yards. At 7 yards 1 ragged hole.
  47. Now why would we be talking about off hand, real world shooting? If we are speaking about the accuracy of the GUN than we need to remove the shooter from the equation as much as possible by using a bench.

    I find it incredibly humorous that some of you think your $500 piece of plastic can compete with the world's best target pistols. They can't, plain and simple. Its not that close either. I've tested them using a bench.

    I'm also not talking just any steel guns. I'm talking the best target guns. The actual material used for the frame doesn't mean a whole lot in terms of accuracy. Just about all the best target guns happen to be steel.
  48. I only spend money to shoot my Glocks nowadays due to some quality control and reliability issues I've had with several other manufacturers. However, I find I shoot best with kahr trigger and pistols with small sights. Believe it or not, if someone asked me to make a fifty years shot on a paper plate, I would choose my Kahr CW380. With that said, pretty much every firearm made anymore is more accurate than the shooter. It comes down to what you are the most comfortable with.

  49. Ok, but I guess I took it a step further. Why would anyone care about the accuracy of a pistol while it's locked into a device and eliminating the shooter? Who shoots like that? My point is, both types are capable of extremely good accuracy in the right hands.

    If you're someone who is incredibly into specs and numbers, maybe a 2.5" group is "not even close" to a 1.25" group, but when you stand back and look at both targets, both look pretty great.
  50. No, but the worst of them (major brands) can outperform all but the best shooters and the best shooters aren't asking what to buy on Glock Talk.