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As great as optics are these days it is no replacement for training and learning how to shoot with iron sights.
No, marksmanship training is marksmanship training. It is actually advisable to learn both.

This will sound very “Boomer” I am sure, but there weren’t optics like available today for shooters when I learned to shoot many moons ago.
I started shooting competitively @ 14 years old in 1975. When I went into the Army in 1979 we had no optics on our M-16's. When I was carrying an M-16 in 1996 we had to jump thru hoops to mount any kind of optic. Today only my lever guns do not have optics. 2 out of 5 carry pistols have optics soon to be 3-5.

If you carry a gun your very life depends on your ability to get on target quickly and accurately.

In reality a situation where you may need to use a gun in a SD situation is going to be very up close fast and very physical. Criminals are not going to give you a chance to give you an advantage.
You are thinking of the one BG stick up. You need to evolve your thinking, it is not 1965.

You shoot someone beyond SD distances you are likely to have big legal problems (probably even in a justified shooting) if you survive the attack.
Horse Hockey. A lethal threat is a lethal threat. Trolly Square? Greenwood Mall? Do those ring a bell?

Become good at SD distances first then work on longer shots.
Again, no. Become good at distance shooting and close shooting is much easier.

Maybe look at revolvers and become good with them. It is easier to transition from a revolver to a semi than it is the other way around.
That ship has sailed. The double action revolver, as much as I like them are going the way of the SAA. Sure people are going to still use them but there are better options in 2022. I mastered the DAO and now carry pistols.

If younger people don’t take their liberty and rights more seriously they will loose those rights in their lifetime.
Well, it is the younger members of society that are challenging the status QUO of restrictive gun laws that have escaped constitutional scrutiny for generations.

The guns can be cut for optics after you get good at conventional sights.
You can buy a plethora of pistols already cut for optics.
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