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    I wonder how many members of this forum have bothered looking at booking photos in the hysteria surrounding peaceful protests.

    1. a couple of non black lawyers arrested for purportedly doing a bombing;
    2. a non black security guard arrested with loot from the looted and burned precinct;
    3. a non black guy arrested for handling out explosive charges;
    4. a non black guy who mumbles about hating the police and kills a deputy in CA.

    Then you have the usual b.s. of political leaders who lead from behind who care more about headlines and the next election. They let morons lead the way. They follow because they calculate that uttering b.s. about closing down the police, collapsing at a funeral, or washing feet gets them wanted noteriety AND get it - so they are not morons, just asshats.

    You rant about BLM and Antifac. Ok. Take out your pocket book and donate to politicians who lead from in front. The judge does not have to follow your directions, but you are free to write to a judge handling one of these cases about your concerns. You can do volunteer work. Every community has that opportunity and you can put your body where your mouth is.

    If you are really mad about b.s., turn off the t.v. when the NFL football game comes on. Buy more ammunition.

    I wasn't kidding. When my black female Congresswoman showed disrespect for a black male US Army General because he was referenced for his service by a Republican, I let her know and contributed to her next black male Republican opponent in the District. I didn't just rant about the Democratic Head of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, I contributed to his next primary opponent. Money talks. BS walks in politics.
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