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More Two way radios FS or Trade

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by KYgundoc, Oct 31, 2004.

  1. KYgundoc


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    Nov 7, 2003
    Valley Station, KY
    GE MPA select VHF 16 channel intrinsically safe radio. Has full Alpha-numeric display and is like new. PAHO1 with good intrinsically safe battery and charger $125.00

    GE MTL VHF 16 channel scan intrinsically safe radio. Heavy duty public safety radio. PAUCMS with battery and charger $75.00

    GE MTL UHF 16 channel scan radio. with battery and charger PAUCMS $75.00

    GE MPD Voice Guard (Encrypted radio) VHF scan. 48 channel with alpha-numeric display, Good battery and charger. $100.00

    GE MPD select VHF Radio, 48 channel alpha-numeric display with battery and chager. This radio is intrinsically safe, $90.00

    GE Mobile Vehicle charger (Converta-Com) for all the above radios. Charges the battery and converts radio to a mobile radio with a hand mic, external speaker with volume control and external antenna conection. $50.00

    GE PCS Edacs 800 MHz radio, Dual mode radio will also do conventional repeater. Radio, Antenna, and Charger $150.00

    GE PCS VHF 8 channel display shows channel, Volume, and Battery state Battery and chager $75.00

    GE PCS UHF 8 channel display shows channel, Volume, and Battery state Battery and chager $75.00

    GE PLS VHF 16 channel display radio. with good battery. If you buy muliples of this radio I will add a 5 or 6 position rack charger. I have 9 of these left. $65.00 each

    GE MPS VHF 12 channel radio 136 -151 split radio and programmed on the local ham repeaters and simplex. with like new battery and charger $75.00

    GE MPI 2 UHF 2 channel programmable radios. Nice small radios that are easy to carry. I have about 15 of these with chargers but no batteries. I have looked up batteries on the web and most are around $30.00 new. These would be great GMRS radios because they have a Talk around switch on the top so you can have 2 repeaters and then use the TA for use when out of range of the repeater. $40.00 each

    I will program any of the above radios with 2 channels for free when you purchase them (You need to supply frequency and PL tone as well as your authorization for the use of the frequency) above 2 channels I charge $1.00 per channel for programming when you buy from me. Contact me for programming when you did not get it from me.

    More radios not GE brand

    Motorola HT-50 VHF 2 channel with battery and charger $65.00

    Johnson Scorpion VHF 16 channel scan Portable. No charger. Transmits $50.00

    Marconi UHF 16 channel scan portable. No charger but works. $50.00 Looks jut like the Johnson above and both made by Midland.

    Kenwood TK330 UHF 20 channel scan. Has front Alpha-numeric display. with good battery and charger. $75.00

    I have many more mobile radios that I have not listed and some GE accessories like belt clips. contact me for you needs. I will sell or trade any of the above radios for other radios, Guns in KY, Video cameras, Digital camers or try me on what you have.