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    Aug 25, 2002
    FAA Wants To Expand The Detroit Class B Airspace
    Fri, 07 May '04

    Nobody's Happy About That
    EAA, NAFI, and IAC members, along with other general aviation groups,
    learned about a planned expansion of the Detroit Class B airspace at an FAA
    public hearing on April 27. The plan shows an expanded area to the northeast
    and the southwest, plus raising the Class B airspace ceiling from 8,000 feet
    to 10,000 feet MSL. The Class B area due east of the airport that lies
    within Canadian airspace will not be modified and those ceilings will remain
    at 8,000 feet MSL due to international agreements.

    Historically, FAA has not altered their Class B airspace proposals based on
    public comments. In this case, EAA encourages air traffic officials at the
    FAA Great Lakes Regional Headquarters and at the Detroit Air Route Traffic
    Control Center (ARTCC) to consider logical public comments on the proposed
    changes. EAA specifically recommends moving the proposed southwest border
    two miles to the north to allow the existing glider operations at Lada
    Airport to continue flight operations; moving the northeast sector line from
    the middle of the Detroit River to the western shoreline to allow for VFR
    transitions; and raising the floor of the proposed new outer areas from
    4,000 feet MSL to 5,000 feet MSL to allow for greater VFR access to the
    underlying general aviation airports.

    In a separate management issue, EAA also encourages the FAA planners to
    develop appropriate VFR transition corridors as they work on expanding the
    Class B airspace. Only by combining both management processes will
    commercial and general aviation users be able to effectively use the new
    airspace structure when it is put into effect.
    The FAA asked the groups to study the proposal and return on May 18th for
    follow-up discussions.