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M&RA, MI Division has been receiving questions from the fleet wanting answers to their questions surrounding MARADMIN 043-06/Lost Privacy Act Data. MI Division has summarized a list of Questions/Answers that I would ask you to distribute to the Senior Enlisted Marine Corps Leadership for dissemination. Thanks for your assistance in this matter.

Question #1 - Why did the Naval Post Graduate student have possession of Privacy Act data? Did he have a "Need to Know"?

Answer - The Naval Post Graduate student (in coordination with the Manpower Policies and Analysis Branch, HQMC) was completing research on a thesis entitled "Enlisted Career Force Retention Model". In order for the thesis to affect USMC Policy, it was necessary to have actual data for analysis. Hence, the student did in fact have a "Need to Know" with regards to the data.

Question #2 - Am I in the affected population?

Answer - In reference to MarAdmin 043-06 DTG 240015Z MAR 06, All Enlisted Marines, E1-E9 (PVT-MGYSGT/SGTMAJ) who served in the Marine Corps between CY2001-CY2005 were in the affected population.

Question #3 - How can I check to see if my identity was part of the data that was lost?

Answer - Manpower and Reserve Affairs has identified all SSN's that were lost. An online tool has been posted for current and veteran Marines to check to see if they were part of the affected population. You may access the tool by going to the following link:,1962467&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL. On the lower right hand corner located below "On-Line Applications", Marines can enter their SSN, and it will inform them if their privacy act data was in fact lost.

Question #4 - How do I place a Fraud Alert on my Credit Reports?

Answer - Please click on the following link for instructions on how to place a fraud alert on your credit reports: (Please click on "Open" to view the document).

Question #5 - This was such a large number of Marines, what is M&RA doing to get the word out to all Marines that were affected by MARADMIN 043-06. There are a lot of Marines who will never get a chance to read this MARADMIN.

Answer - The MARADMIN will be the most effective method getting the word out to all Marines serving in the Marine Corps today. Information regarding this incident will also be published in the Semper Fidelis newsletter in order to reach our retiree community. Manpower is currently seeking additional avenues to contact Marines who have left the service, but were in the affected population of Marines on the MARADMIN.

Question #6 - What is the policy on Secondary Removable Storage Devices? Wasn't the information downloaded on a thumb Drive? Is that authorized?

Answer - Government-procured removable secondary storage devices of any capacity are approved for use on NIPRNET or other unclassified computer systems. Organizations issuing removable secondary storage media devices for use shall control then in a manner consistent with accountability of other highly pilferable items with respect to personnel transfer or reissue. The issuing organization shall also create a "Local Policy" that addresses both the value of the device and the stored information (MARADMIN 590-05).

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Hopefully nothing negative will ever come of this for anyone that had information on that drive.

on a side note.

my SSN gave this - The SSN entered was not affected by the data loss.
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