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    When we solicited for inquiries to be covered for "More GSSF Tips", there were many inquiries about how to shoot a match. One of our Master contributors has prepared this tip to contribute to the various inquiries about "pre-shot routines".

    Mike Finch has offered the following to be a part of "More GSSF Tips 2003". Thanks, Mike.


    Previous topics have addressed the key fundamentals of stance, trigger control, grip, sight alignment, etc…. Developing a solid, consistent pre-shot routine can prepare shooters to successfully execute these techniques.

    A close parallel to competitive shooting is the PGA Tour. Both sports require the competitor to have a solid stance, proper grip, correct mental approach and the ability to execute upon demand. Note how a golf pro stands behind the ball visualizing the shot, takes his stance and proper grip while preparing to make that perfect shot. Also, when he is distracted or something doesn’t feel right, he backs off and again goes through his pre-shot routine. This preparation is mental as the concentration/focus increases and physical as his body becomes prepped for execution of the shot.

    This same type of mental and physical preparation can effectively work for GSSF and other shooting sports by developing a personalized pre-shot routine. Watch the top shooters closely and you will see some routines that appear causal to some that seem complex. None will be exactly the same…but they work for the individuals.

    Take into consideration the various steps associated with how you step into the shooting box, take relaxing breaths, move into your stance, index on a particular target, grip the gun, take a sight picture, and load the gun in preparation for the string of fire. Developing a consistent approach to these small, but important activities, will prepare you for success as you shoot the stage. Going through the routine on the shooting line transforms your mind and body from the casual observer mode into the focused competitor mode. It is important that as you develop a pre-shot routine, that it be used during practice and applied consistently as it is a learned skill, just like the other basic fundamentals.

    Taking the time to develop and practice a personalized pre-shot routine will help prepare you for success on the shooting line. Good shooting!