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    This week's question is hosted by Jerry Worsham.

    Question: How about talking about which particular setup (if there are more than one at the match) of any given stage you want to shoot? Besides the number of people in the stack of names, what are the reasons (if any) why you might pick one setup over the other one???

    Answer: As I mentioned in Tip #10 when I get my sheets I walk the entire range and observe how the sun hits the targets, where the shadows are, the physical condition of the layout and certainly how the ROs are running the stage. After I’ve made my observation I then drop off my sheets where I think I’ll end up with the best conditions. If you review Tip #10, I think you will find all that material is germane here. In addition to the items I mentioned in Tip #10:

    I look for background and wind direction, especially when the layouts are set in various directions. A contrasting background is helpful when shooting especially at 25 yards. A brown background with the brown D-1s can really make sighting an adventure! I look for a level shooting position, level targets and constant light on the targets. If there are three setups and two are closely spaced I’ll take the third one with all other features being equal. Places like Statesville having 6 - 5 to Glock setups all identical with the morning sun at your back are great. They shoot one position at a time so you’re not dealing with another shooter’s muzzle blast distracting you. Another tip, if you move to electronic muffs use them several times before you shoot a match using them. You’ll find you hear things you never heard before, like echoes of the report through the trees! Actually turning them down to the bare minimum is a good idea.

    I avoid shooting from under a roofed area if I can, it adds to the muzzle blast and provides another distraction. Even the covers that GSSF uses can bring a definite increase in sound, especially with a compensated gun.

    These are things that can improve your scores, are easy to take advantage of, and cost you nothing but some time and attention to detail.

    Posted for Jerry Worsham by Bobby Carver.