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More felt recoil in G26 than in G39????

  1. Took all of my Glocks out this morning to see where they'll hit after I centered up all of the XS Sights. The G37, 38 and 39 all hit pretty much center and I'm happy with the sight setting but the G26 hit high/right and for all the world if felt like it had more recoil than my G39 did. I'm running 124gr plated at around 1120fps and 124gr XTP's at around 1170fps out of the gun and it has Peirce XL mag extension so I get a good full grip on the gun. I shot over a makeshift rest at 10 yards for all the guns.
    If they were all shooting high right I'd say it was me but the G26 was the only one out of the 4 that did that and I just can't explain why the recoil felt like it was more then in the G39 with factory mags, no extension on em' and 185gr plated at around 925fps.
    I almost feel like pulling the XS Sights off of the G26 and putting the factory sights back on and then selling it for funds to buy a G19 since this is going to be my wife's gun and she really doesn't like recoil. Anyone else find the 45 GAP softer shooting then the 9x19mm?
  2. I have (3) 26's and (2) 30s along with (2) 17's. All are used to compete and carry, trijicon hd's on all (7). I shoot all three platforms equally well and the 26's have taken (3) groundhogs at 45 yards this year.

    I recall the 26 and 39 that you have were bought this year, considering your results it might be time to thin the herd, especially with having difficulty.

    The recoil situation you are experiencing I also cannot relate to but again, I am shooting around 12k a year, factory, and my own reloads and in 9mm I am loading hot 115 @ 1200fps .
  3. I've rented a G39. I don't remember the recoil being softer than the G26. Maybe you have extremely hot 9mm rounds and soft GAP? At any rate, I'm sensitive to recoil (i.e. not one of those who can't tell the difference between G23 and G19, etc., etc.), and the less recoil the better as far as I'm concerned - but the G26 has the softest recoil of any Glock I own (except the G42, and close with the larger 9mms). I would call the G26 recoil very modest, comfortable, and controllable and the G26 very accurate.
  4. I normally would agree, the G26 never did feel this way before. Maybe it was shooting it from a rest or something. The GAP rounds are exactly "soft" at 925fps for a 185gr but if I went to Longshot I could get 1075fps out of the same bullet and that would be more of a "standard" GAP factory load.
    As far as thinning the herd, the G37/38/39 aren't going anywhere, they all have a place in my shooting needs. The G26 is more or less my wife's gun now that I have my 45 GAP collection but I just wonder if she might not be better served with a G19? It just seems odd to me that the GAP felt better to me then the 9mm. Never had that happen before and I've shot the G26 quite a bit over the last, what is it now, 2 or maybe 3 years that I've had it. I've had it the longest of all the 4 that I've got.
  5. If the 9mm has more felt recoil than the GAP, suggest you buy another Gap for the wife?
  6. Answer is NO.
  7. Probably really need to do the math on this before we can say for sure. Figure the recoil impulse using bullet weight, velocity and weight of the gun for both and then we can say Yes or No. I'm just saying that the way it felt to me, today, the G26 seemed to have a bit more recoil than the G39 in 45 GAP.

    Also, I'd actually though about getting another GAP for my wife. A G38 would work well IMHO, it's just I have a lot of 9x19mm loaded(some 1600+ rounds) so I'm really invested in that caliber.

    I think I may need to plan another day of shooting with the G26 before I say for sure and I know I need to move the sights just a bit right to correct for the left hits on target. Can't do much about the hits being high though since I think the only other XS rear sight would actually be the taller model for the 45's and that would only make it hit even higher.
  8. 124gr at 1170fps out of a G26 is actually pretty stout and, like you said, a 185 at 925 is relatively soft. Plus the GAPs use 21-width slides which should certainly compensate some for the recoil. So, I can imagine the recoil impulse being milder.

    On a similar note, my G21 shooting standard loads feels milder than shooting a G19.

    Also, I have noticed that shooting from a rest tends to amplify felt recoil relative to shooting offhand.
  9. The XS Big dots I have on my G26 will hit high if you use the recommended sight picture. I nestle the dot down low in the notch and it hits POA. I like it this way and put a tall rear XS sight on my G43 to have the same sight picture.

  10. I'd agree with this, sounds like hot 124 gr 9mm ammo out of a smaller gun vs mild .45 GAP ammo out of gun the same basic size with a heavier slide - to me there's your answer.

    I shoot 147 gr ammo (non-+P ammo, let's say in the 900 FPS or under 900 FPS range?) out of a small gun and it shoots plenty soft. A little more than out of my 19 or 17, but they both weigh a little more, have a little more slide mass, and more grip area to hang on to.

    I don't know how relative it is being .45 ACP vs .45 GAP, but 230 gr .45 ACP out of my G30 feels somewhat the same, but a softer, slower recoil impulse (and granted also has a heavier slide with more grip area too), compared to the 26 with the round I listed being a little "snappier" but certainly not necessarily harder or uncontrollable?
  11. Some good answers there. I accidentally shot the XTP's which I load for defensive use with, like I said, 124gr XTP's at a tested by me Chrony fps of 1166fps(book says 1170fps, close enough,LOL) so it isn't a mild target round by any stretch. The plated flat points are milder running right at 1120fps and they didn't feel as (hate to use this term for a 9mm but here goes) harsh as the XTP's. Just may need more trigger time with the G26 since the 45 GAP(or ACP for that matter) seems mild to me since that's what I kind of liked shooting for most of my life. That soft, slow "push" of the 45 recoil just feels so mild compared to the faster recoil impulse of the 9s. That's why I don't like the 40 cal, it just has way too much snap to it.
    Yep, need to get out and do more shooting with the G26 before I do something rash and sell/trade it off. It is a great little carry gun, especially when you put the factory 10 round mags in place.
  12. I don't know if this is a factor in what you're experiencing but remember that part of recoil is the velocity of it, which is tied directly to the velocity of the projectile.

    In addition, the 39's slide is heavier than the 26's by a good amount.

    The GAPs are fun aren't they.


  13. If you don't like a hot 9mm in the 26, you will NOT like the .40 in a Glock period. :(

    9mm can vary in Glock in my experience, there's a lot involved there between gun size (both slide / barrel and grip area), velocity of the round and weight of the bullet also. 40 tends to be pretty "snappy" one way or another period. NOT that it can't be shot, and NOT that the 180 gr .40 rounds are has sharp as the 135 gr rounds and what not before anyone starts jumping all over me, but I can tell you from experience a 135 gr load in a 27 is quite a handful. :(

    The sharper recoil and recovery from shot to shot and the onset of some slight arthritis in my hands (I'm in my early 40s and work with my hands a lot) was enough to get me to go from 155 - 165 gr .40 loads in a 27 to now shooting 147 gr 9mm non-+ loads in a 26 w/ NO problems and WAY better accuracy, and even the ability to shoot it with ONE hand. :)

    Personally I feel any .40 load is better in a mid to large frame sized gun like the 23 and up vs the smaller guns. I know and am sure some can do it with no issues, but I'd hate to even try a small, single stack like the 43 in .40. :(

  14. Don't forget bullet weight is going to factor into it along with velocity too. 147 gr 9mm non-+P load is going to have less "snap" than a 115 gr. 9mm non-+P in the same gun.

  15. For years I poo pooed the GAP because of a lack of round count. I mean, come on only 10+1 in a full size Glock but after you shoot them and see how inherently accurate this cartridge is and it's on the same par with the 45ACP in a slightly smaller packate(both cartridge and the guns that shoot it) then you really start to appreciate all the Goodness that's GAP.
    I'm a convert, that's for sure. I could live a happy life with my G38, it's that nice of a handgun. Having the full size G37 and that uber compact G39 for deeper CCW is just icing on the cake.
  16. Yep. With the 39 I use either a GAP floorplate or a Pearce +3 giving me a seven plus one pistol. How cool is that? Usually the Pearce.

    It's a great round. Easy to reload for too using my normal ACP dies. Works great as a cast round too.

  17. The Glock 39 is one of my favorite Glocks.
    It shoots soft and beautifully.
    I wish they came out with Gen 4 on that.
    Also wish everyone had it.
    It is THE perfect SD package. PERFECT!!!
  18. I feel the same way. I think it has a lot to do with the different recoil "pulses?". The 9mm to me is much more of a quick snap. Never liked that much. The .45 is more of a push, which I prefer. It's insane how much better i can shoot the .45 then the 9mm.
  19. I've never really had a problem with the 9mm or the 45(GAP or ACP) but I just can't stand the 40 S&W "snap". I've owned 5 or so handguns in that round and the closest one that I actually did almost like was the Beretta PX4 Storm and that was when I shot some 180gr ammo in it. It took a lot of the snap out of it and made it feel closer to a 45 but it's still not quite the same.
    I guess I'm a Glock Fanboy and NOW a GAP Fanboy as well. LOL
  20. Well, after sleeping on it I've put the G26 up for sale. I think my wife will be better served with a G19 and I've always said, if you can only own one 9mm Glock it should be a G19 so that's what I'm shooting for(pun intended). I think it'd be a better gun for her since she's only really going to use it for home defense and at the range and if she does end up carrying it then it's not really that much harder to carry then the G26 with the Peirce XL mag base plates anyway so there's that. Anyway, it was a nice run but I just need to stay practical right now and the G19 just makes more sense than the G26.
  21. You are kinda making me want a G39 now to offset my G21M....
  22. Just remember, the G21 and G39 won't be magazine compatible but the G39 is a heck of a nice LITTLE 45 caliber carry gun. If you want the smallest package that Glock has to offer in 45 then the G39 is just the ticket. Where I didn't like the 6+1 of the G43 I feel perfectly fine with the 6+1 of the G39 and with the Peirce XL magazine extensions you can actually load AND seat 7 rounds in the mag and have 1 in the tube for 7+1 just like the original loading of the 1911a1 in a much smaller, lighter package.