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More brain-dead in Seattle antics--spectators hurt as driver does donuts in downtown streets

  1. When they say they are going to burn it all down, I say just let them.
  2. Article says it's not related to protests, but gives info about Taylor shooting case?
  3. the hallmark of propaganda
  4. Yeah, felt a bit off. Donuts and other stunts are popular all over the place all the time.

    It's dangerous, but so are air shows.
  5. Air shows are not illegal.
  6. It's a hot button issue here in Detroit too
  7. It just had to be a Mustang
  8. Okay.
  9. Not sure why you would make that comparison...other than to stir the pot.
  10. Nothing really occurs in a vacuum. The big picture excuses the busy cops. Until the governor puts armed national guardsmen on every corner sideshows are going to happen for the benefit of the bored.

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  11. Funny thing is that at airshows, the pilots are trained. Guys doing donuts are usually just idiots who think putting fartcans and changing the camber on cars is cool.

  12. I it was pretty clear. Vehicular stunts are popular everywhere around the world. And they are dangerous. And people will always show up to watch them. Why did that stir your pot?
  13. Clear as mud...why the comparison to airshows?
  14. I live in Seattle and am familiar with this exact spot. It's a regular street sandwiched between the Space Needle and a TV station. For the life of me, I can't figure out why they do stunts at that particular spot. Maybe they want to be on TV.

    I don't think it's related to the protests. They've been doing it in this general area for about two years.

  15. Vehicular stunts. People enjoy them and they are dangerous.

    It has nothing to do with Seattle.
  16. I remember visiting the Seattle space needle with my family in 1963 the year after the world's fair. We stayed at a nearby motel that had a swimming pool and I remember my parents commenting about what a beautiful city Seattle was.

    Then in 2001 I rook a greyhound bus from Spokane to Seattle and from there took the ferry to Victoria where my Grandmother lived and she gave me her 1970 Chevelle that she bought new and only put 25,000 miles on it.

    The neighborhood around the bus station which is right near the space needle was no longer beautiful. I can't imagine how much worse it must be today. This must be the kind of "Progress" that the "Progressives" keep talking about.
  17. Gotta love the irony.
    They're defunding the police, and then news articles talking about how the police don't even show up to things like this until after people are hurt.
  18. Was figuring it’d be a mustang before even opening the video. Yep!
  19. Dodge Chargers and Challengers seem to be the vehicle of choice for that sort of thing around here.
  20. Happening in every major urban city.

    Those who contribute very little to society and don’t like playing by any of the rules that govern society doing whatever they want, whenever they want.
  21. Bring in fire trucks. Block all roads out. Tow all cars there straight to the crusher.
  22. Put them up for auction. (After legal confiscation) or allow owner to buy them back at market value.
    The ATV idiots. You must have a demolition, future construction site that has a chainlink fence up? Herd them in. Arrest everyone, impound every machine that’s not road legal. Make a show of releasing the few bike riders, bike that maybe were road legal, licensed... or just string a rope. (Can’t do that of course)
  23. I’m in downtown Seattle now, work trip. There are almost zero tourists, lots of rif-raff(sorry residents). There are many closures. I went to Whole Foods then cut my walk short. I don’t have my usual compliment of security tools.

    What a pee-hole downtown Seattle has become. Yes, a bit different than the ‘drafting’ shenanigans.
  24. Total sheethole. My son works at 6th and Pike, and carries everyday. I got my permit to carry a few years back, and carry on my few trips a year out there. It’s a beautiful City if they could get rid of the riff raff.
  25. I was looking through a catalog that sold car restoration tools and materials. There was a print for sale that depicted a pair of '50's era street racers. They were being chased by the cops but the police cars got cut off by a passing train. The kids in the cars seemed to be having a good, rowdy time and were elated that they got away from "the man".

    The more things change.........

    It seems that a lot of us have gotten old and/or have forgotten what it's like to be young.

  26. I'll admit to doing a few doughnuts back the 70s. But back then it was something you typically did in a deserted parking lot without anyone else around. Not something you did after blocking off a street or intersection in the middle of a city with hundreds of spectators crowded around.

    Speaking of blocking traffic, in Denver the big cruising location was 16th street which did get pretty congested on Friday nights due to all the kids cruising. The official response was to send out "Ticket Buster Snyder" and other officers to write a bunch of tickets, not look the other way. Ticket buster once wrote over 200 tickets in an 8 hour shift and loved his job. Mostly equipment violations but moving violations too given the chance. I wish Atlanta had a few ticket busters. It didn't stop cruising but it certainly kept a lid on it. Like everything else today the street racing seems out of control with nothing being done about it.
  27. That's what gets me as well. As previously mentioned; that intersection is a street that sits between the Space Needle and the biggest TV station in Seattle. By the angle of the filming, I would say that it was filmed from the roof of that very station.

    Maybe they want to be on TV? Everyone is a diva these days.

    Fast and Furious? Maybe they like the risk?

  28. It is not the "stunt" that is the concern; It is the lack of LE presence due to all the "defunding" practices that allow this stunt and many others to proliferate w/o consequences...as LE continue to "circle the wagons" in defense of themselves, crimes/infractions that we previously prevented/investigated routinely, will go unanswered...sadly, this is Human Nature...w/o consequences we as a species revert to our more base instincts
  29. Did you see the video of the streets blocked by parked/stopped cars, with the police trying to get thru. If they were spectators, a drill to the tires would make for easy recovery once they took care of the really stupid people.
  30. Peaceful protestors just trying to slot some entertainment in their down time. Rioting and marching to a drum beat takes a lot out of a person so this helps refuel the energy. Could these be professional drivers providing the entertainment? How does an anarchist always seem to have "stuff" that costs alot of money?
  31. What’s that whole dont do stupid things at stupid times with stupid people thing???

    Oh yeah. My sympathy tank for freaking idiots is on E.
  32. Article in the Seattle Times this morning detailing that the cops are so busy dealing with the nightly protests and "demonstrations" that they have no time left to do actual police work. Police Chief says "this has to stop. Good luck with that. With no support from the Mayor, the Governor, the City Council,(all Dems) what do you think will change????
  33. Forgotten? Yep I remember my female classmates screaming vile things at the local Police. The same Officers who were on fire Dept. who helped rescue other classmates. Oh wait. It never happened. The stores were never burned down. The graffiti was a soap bar on the brick wall, or those chalk pencils. “CLASS OF 19xx”. “ or barb against opposing team the night before a game. The Principal “we do not condone...it will remain up till the person admits...and washes it off”
    Translation “we can’t say we approve.” After game a couple jugs of water, a brush and you have a cleaner part of wall in 5 minutes. Paint was not winked at, nor vulgar content.
    You stop for the Cops when caught being stupid. Tickets were rare. First couple times. Talking to, maybe suggestion to pick up trash... OR “I will have to call your parents”. We feared that. Dang near the Nuclear option.
    We are reaping the kinder gentler treatment of kids. The cars blocking Police need to be booted, impounded. (At minimum document with cameras, have them impounded later) Bring in about of area repo team. Laugh (to yourself)when they call the Police. “Someone stole my car...help me please”
  34. So, you're saying there was a time where everything was clean and everyone did the right thing?

    There were no riots? No stealing? No political shenanigans? No rocks thrown at cops or soldiers? Etc, etc, etc.

    The last 80 years or so have been a historical anomaly.

  35. Wierd...if my challenger acted like that, i would bring it in for service.