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    I hope this hasn't been posted before. But if it has, here it is again.

    One day in kindergarden class the teacher said they were going to learn about morals. She asked if any of the students had any stories with morals that they could share.

    Little Suzie said she had a sory with a moral. The teacher said that was great and Suzie started her story. "Well" she said, "my daddy had a chicken coup on his farm and the chickens all laid a lot of eggs. One day he went to go collect the eggs and there were a lot of them. Instead of making two trips, daddy just put all the eggs in one big basket and carried them all at once. But on the way back he tripped and broke all the eggs!"

    "That's very good" said the teacher, "what would you say the moral is?" "Well" Suzie thought, "I guess it would have to be don't put all your eggs in one basket.

    Johnny also had a story to share with the class. "My grandpa farms chickens too. His chickens lay eggs so they can hatch. One year the chickens laid a lot of eggs and my grandpa was very excited because he was going to have so many new chickens. The eggs were almost ready to hatch when a coyote got into the nests and ate all of them. My grandpa didn't get any of the chickens he was expecting. I think the moral is, don't count your eggs before they've hatched."

    Billy also had a story, "but's it not about eggs or chickens he said." That's fine the teacher told him, it didn't have to be about eggs. Billy started his story. "Well my Uncle Bob was a Ranger in Vietnam. Just before he was going to fly home his friends got him a bottle of Jack Daniels to take with him. On the way out the helicopter he was riding in got shot at. It was about to crash so Uncle Bob drank the Jack Daniels so it didn't break and loaded his M-16. The pilots died in the crash and Uncle Bob was surrounded by VC. He shot twenty with his M-16, but then it jammed and he had to use his bayonet. He killed five more VC with his bayonet, but it broke! Uncle Bob tried to sneak away after that, but two more VC surprised him and he ad to kill them with his bare hands before he finally made it out."

    The teacher was a little shocked at this student's violent story, but had to ask, "well Billy, what would you say the moral of this story is?" "Well obviously," Billy said, "you shouldn't f*** with Uncle Bob when he's been drinking!"