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I took a few guns out today; my trusty G20 to dial in my new meprolights, and my Ruger Single Seven .327 to try my luck on this months shooting Challenge.
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With the Glock,
I did myself pretty solid on the sight install, exactly 'on' at 7yrds with AE 180gr fmj. At 25yrds, I made a few elevation adjustments to give me a 6 'O Clock hold on the 8 basically about 1-2" high at that distance. The up and down is partially me playing with the elevation, some just my usual offhand dispersion. Still, pretty good 9 ring-ish on windage.
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After shooting GT's January challenge at a shorter range (5 LH, 5 RH, and 5 two handed @ 50ft), I felt pretty good about shooting my last 15 .32 S&W Long 100gr wadcutters at 75ft with the Seven.
I managed a 4.5" fifteen shot likes wadcutters, I like wadcutters.
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So far the little Ruger has demonstrated very good accuracy with loads in .32SW, .32SWL, .32H&R and .327- though it had one bad outing with the AE 100gr SP load, which was registering almost 1700fps avg over the chrono and exhibited pressure signs to match (split brass, cratered primers) a few years ago.
Oh, It did good for January too.
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"It likes wadcutters, I like wadcutters."


Two good shooters there.
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