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Mom will S***

  1. About ten years ago or so, went shooting with my mom and some others. Guy on the range had a Ruger 44 mag and let us shoot it. She laughed and asked me what you’ve never shot one? Ugh no! She had been with a guy from work and he let her shoot his. Ever since then she’s lusted after one.

    She’s a revolver gal, has a SP101 and a J Frame. I’ve had some extra money saved up, I’ve had my eye on some stuff for me but that’s irrelevant since she’s not getting any younger.

    I finally pulled the trigger earlier tonight. My buddy is a FFL so we’re going to play a joke on her saying I bought her a gun which is true.

    He’s had a crappy heritage rough rider 22 or whatever that’s been sitting on the desk and nobody will buy. Gonna show her that while she fills out the form, when it’s all said and done bust out the 44 mag.

    Ordered her a Ruger Redhawk 5.5 inch! Damn this should be good!

  2. You’re a good son OP.
  3. I had a couple of those over the years. She's gonna love it! Need pics when ya'll go to the Range with it.
  4. ^^^^^^ YOU RE THE BEST ^^^^^
  5. Good job, Folsom. Let us know how it goes.
  6. Nice!
  7. Great looking gun, I wish I was as good a son as you.
  8. That is awesome![emoji106]

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  9. Realizing what your mom is all about has to be a good thing.
  10. Nice.....good job Son
  11. Very good guns. I sold one (though I thought it was a 6.5" barrel) to a friend to plow the $ back into a .454 Casull. Don't think he ever shot it even years later. Offered to buy it back but he wasn't interested. Don
  12. I dig it! Im interested to hear her reaction
  13. Pix of mom with gun at range! And shot out target too!
  14. The two we found were the 5.5 and 7.5 now, only the 5.5 was in stock through his supplier. I figured the 5.5 would be better balanced, hell it still weighs about 50 ounces. Should be perfect for her needs.
  15. Thanks! The wood looks good but I’ve got a feeling some Hogues or something similar will have to go on it.
  16. Just make sure she doesn't pistol whip you with that Heritage...
  17. About all it’s good for lol
  18. Buying her the gun was easy. Keeping her in ammo is not.

    BTW, nice gesture.
  19. Very cool indeed :cool:
  20. Thanks!

    My buddy has a couple 44’s and he reloads.
  21. 44 Specials shoot very nicely in these. Or 44 Special equivalents in 44 magnum cases. The parent cartridge, the 44 Russian, was known to be a very accurate round.
  22. That occurred to me as well.

    Then you can have some more fun. Have him make some lighter loads. At the range, load her 5 of those and one magnum round. :)
  23. That is nice. I hope she enjoys it
  24. Good for you.

    She shoots 44 mag and raised a good son.
    Impressive mom.
  25. You got the right one. 7.5 would be more weight, and not as balanced?
  26. That`s awesome... cant wait for the pics
  27. Nice choice of handgun and way to show some son to mom love! One of my fondest memories of my mom is when I was out back of my folks house shooting my then new Match Champion and my mom who was usually indifferent about shooting, insisted on shooting a few cylinders with me. Mom could shoot too! Enjoy making those memories with her OP!
  28. Beautiful revolver. When is the big day?
  29. No idea, hopfully it ships soon.
  30. Hope so... the suspense is killin`me ;)
  31. I’m tellin ya! What sucks is Walmart around here isn’t selling handgun ammo anymore. Cabelas and the small gun shops are always higher than hell, probably more so now.

    The online places I’ve looked haven't been very promising. Found a bunch of hollow point stuff but not much ball ammo. Haven’t looked to see what brass ect is available yet to roll my own.
  32. Yeah buddy, we are in some surely uncertain times. This is the biggest wake up call to people that dont roll their own. Thankfully, i`ve been buying for decades, so i`m good for a long time, or until i die.
  33. Your Mother raised a fine man.
  34. Way to go. I'm sure she'll love it.