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    Well I feel like i shoudl say a few things. First, ive been frequenting a small number of forums for a several years. I try to act in a respectful manner, I try to express myself in the best way possible, and i try to at the very least CONTRIBUTE SOMETHING.

    Im seeking a response from the staff at this forum, though you may feel as if you don't owe me one. I realize that im new here. Im not someone who frequents the net to start fights or anything like that, as so is common on the internet.

    Basically Im wanting to start a thread thta doesn't get closed.

    Now to you guys, I realize that because of the thread "Chicago bar beating" that got closed that I might have gotten a reputation for slander or attacks, and thats not my intention. But ive been around on forums long enough to know when to stand up to a threshhold of attacks and persistent debate to know when to be agressive and when to stand down. Basically i know when to pick and choose my battles.

    I am not a troll, I am not an abuser and Im not trying to get banned from this forum. I respect people here, even warp and phonecop.

    Basicall I jsut want to know why certian threads are being closed prematurely.

    See after the virginia tech massacre (Which is a truly sad case) i have noticed that a lot ofpeople posted a lot fo validpoints concerning the potential ramifications of arming the student body. I would have my email filled with responses to threads that I have contributed to and I have seen extremely juicy posts that I would just love to respond to that have ended up closed.

    Frankly, Gentleman, I woudl like to start a thread that doesn't end up in a bitter argument, such as the thread about carrying your weapon into the doctors office that turned into an argument about drugs and criminals.

    Basically what id like to contribute to this site is my opinions, some advice on carrying and Id like to be able to ask questions concerning issues that I have.

    I do not feel as if I am the type of user that poses problems, instigates flame wars or anything like that.

    I got my start on a political forum. In that forum if you post your opinion , you might have 5 or 6 people quoting your every line, trying to run you off with an en masse onslaught of arguments. Id take every argument and respond in kind.

    Basically WHat im trying to say is that I want to contribute something worthwhile to this site and thusfar its not been happening.

    So i want to ask someone willing to give me a response....

    What do you guys expect? Ive read the thread "ecorum and the rules." Im just wondering why there has been the decision to shut down a few threads that were screaming for legitimate debate.

    Please give me a response because Id like to become a valuable member to this forum and a contrubutor that contrubuted more than just mere negativitiy.

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    If you have been a member of other forums, especially a Political Forum, you know how threads can turn bad at a moments notice. People love to debate, some can handle it, others can't. Those that can't, argue and turn to name calling. That's when threads get closed.

    You want us to leave threads open when they turn bad. We can't. When threads go bad they turn quickly and soon arguing turns to name calling, and name calling turns to profanity and dirty/obscene pictures. We can't have that on Glock Talk.

    Threads that turn bad NEVER turn good again. They just keep spiralling out of control. We shut them down as quickly as possible just so we don't have to have people lose their posting privileges. The ones that "turn juicy" as you call it and beg to have an answer, are the ones that turn bad.

    This is a very large forum and it's hard enough to keep things in control when everyone is behaving. It's impossible when rules are being broken left and right.

    I hope you understand. We close threads so people don't say things they are sorry for and can't take back. Then we have to take away their posting privileges and they wouldn't like that. We don't like doing that either. It's just easier to shut things down earlier than later.

    All I can say to you is post your viewpoint. Keep it within the rules and say what you have to say. Can we guarantee that the thread will remain open indefinitely? No, no one can. You can only hope for the best and have a spirited debate that stays within the rules.

    We hope everyone stays within the posting guidelines too. It doesn't always happen that way so be prepared.

    Eddie C.