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Modem Related Problem

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For the past few days I've been having problems with my 56k modem. Yes, other problems than how blasted slow it is. Lately when I've been trying to connect it's been giving me a message that the modem has no dial tone and doesn't support an analog phone line. That's a paraphrase but it's something along those lines. The thing that has me puzzled is that it will work only sometimes. If I unplug the line from the phone jack and plug it back in it MAY decide to start working. I'm currently connected and posting due to that and a healthy amount of luck.

I'm currently using a BCM V.92 on a Dell. I run ad-aware at least once a week. I just updated and ran it and it came up clean aside from the usual cookies.

Thanks for reading.

CORRECTION: The message states that it only supports analog phone lines.
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I was having the same types of problems with bcm v.90/v.92 modems (3 of them)in a Gateway after a windows update. I did all the normal stuff (uninstall/install, move slots, etc), replaced with a different modem, and the problem went away.
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