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    Mar 7, 2007
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    I've got a scar on both sides of my right index finger. Let me tell you how I got it.

    I previously owned two gerbils. I noticed they were losing their hair, so I took them to a vet. First of all, the vet thought I was an idiot taking gerbils to a vet, but he did look at them. He said they had mites and treated them. He suggested alfalfa to enhance the hair regrowth.

    The little rodents got well fast. One day I picked one up and decided I'd look through her fur (hair) to see if I could see mites, and damn it! I did! I took a tweezers and grabbed that little mite and pulled it right out! The poor gerbil squeeled, and bite me so hard on the index finger that I swear her teeth met in middle of my finger!

    Until then I didn't know it was a her, for what I mistook for a mite was one of her tiny nipples. I performed a nippleectomy and she bit he hell out of me. (Hey!That rhymed!)