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Misc stuff for sale

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by swampmaster, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. swampmaster


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    Nov 20, 2001
    I am going to be listing several Items that I am cleaning out to make room for other stuff. All items are plus shipping and will only ship in the USA. US Postal Money Orders only ( Sorry but I have been burned) Please respond if interested to the thread as it is first (I will take It) posted on the thread. I will be adding more as I sort through stuff

    Herters Case Length Gauge 10.00
    Remington Choke tube New, 20 gauge for 1100,11-87, or 870 Modified 10.00
    Lyman Large Primer pocket reamer New 5.00
    Hoppe's shooting glases with case 1.00
    Silverstar snapcaps for 45 colt a total of 4 for 5.00
    Mossburg 500 20 gauge rear sight 5.00
    maglight Krypton bulb for 4 cell c or d 1.00
    Green oil bottles? Plastic 1.00 for both of them
    Sks ? wood top handguard 1.00
    SKS? Black Syn. Top Handguard 5.00
    Hot hands II handwarmers 2 per package all 10 packs 5.00
    Gun wipe rags closed sporting goods store 2.00 each or all 8 10.00
    offset hammer spur for Marlin fits 3/8 hammer 5.00
    Winchester hammer extensions for drilled and tapped hammers 5.00 each have 2
    Kel Tec Inside recoil spring Code 191 1.00
    CH #12 Shell Holder Threaded type 5.00
    CH #2 Shell holder Threaded type 5.00
    Kapok approx 8 oz bag 10.00 have atleast 2 bags
    Winchester WAA28 28 gauge wads approx 400 5.00
    Weaver B-4 Scope missing the screw on end (for Parts) 5.00
    Herters Card over Powder wads 1 Gallon size bag half full 12Gauge 2.00
    Do It 3172 Removable Split shot sinker mould 25.00
    Do It 1172 egg sinker mould 25.00
    Lyman dipper 10.00
    Lee .440 128 grain mould S/c 5.00 D/C 10.00
    Older Lyman Lead Pot cast iron 15.00
    RCBS 25-50 2 cav for 25 acp new or like new 45.00
    RCBS 38-148 WC new or like new 45.00
    Pedersoli .545 Minnie 10.00
    Pedersoli .430 RB 2 cav 10.00
    Lyman 358495 S 1 Cav 15.00
    Lyman 358495 2 cav 25.00 have 2 of them
    Lyman 358495 4 cav 45.00
    Lyamn 35887 2 cav missing pins fo rhandles and top sprue cutter bolt ( I think will look again) 20.00
    Lyman 450229 75.00
    RCBS press mounted priming tool with strip loader 65.00
    Lyman Universal case trimmer like new 65.00
    RCBS Trim pro case trimmer with lisght surface rust Will clean up 50.00
    RCBS Automatic bench mounted priming tool some light surface rust 65.00 otherwise like new or new
    RCBS 502 scale new or like new 30.00

    Taurus wood grips Small 5.00
    Hogue slip on fingergroove grip 2.00
    Hogue Mono Grip fits ? 5.00
    Sig Sauer P220 grips 5.00
    Pachmayr Presitation grips for Colts V frame 10.00
    Hogue mono grip for Blackhawk,single six or vaquero 10.00
    Pachmayr Gripper Professional grip with finger grooves/ fits taurus large frame no backstrap revolvers, M65,M66,M80,M82,M83,M86,M96 Will not fit guns that have serial numbers with a letter prefix 10.00
    Pair of RIA Us Issue Mess Kit knives dated 1904 and 1908 one of each near mint 20.00 per set have 2
  2. AggieMax

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    Dec 17, 2002
    Dallas, Texas
    PM sent with question.


  3. jsjac


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    Apr 21, 2005
    email sent for sig grips thanks Jeff