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Mirena IUD

  1. Do any of you ladies have the Mirena IUD? I am happily having it removed today after 2 years. I'm one of the lucky ladies that has weird, horrible pains several times a month that feel like the IUD is trying to jump out of my uterus. Plus, my period is disastrous. I literally have my period 2-3 weeks out of the month. It comes and goes as it pleases and it is far from light enough to just be breakthrough bleeding. It's depressing and I don't want to deal with it anymore. In addition, acne that is IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of popped up on my face shortly after having it inserted. So, I have constant zits along my jaw. That's one reason that I'm having the Essure procedure. I've tried it all and I have issues with everything. And, no, I'm not a hypochondriac. ;) I am just that person that tends to be in the "less than 1 percent" that get certain side effects. Yeay me! :upeyes:

    P.S. I'm also getting my first Depo shot today (to thin my uterus for the Essure procedure in 2 weeks). Have any of you had Depo shots? If so, how was it?

  2. 9 years ago I had Depo shots. Gosh, I cannot even remember how it works. :rollingeyes: I don't even remember for how long I used the Depo. 4 years later, after being off of Depo for an amount of time that, again, I cannot remember, I got pregnant (it was planned).

    Because I remembered so much (ha ha!), I'm going to say that the experience was uneventful.

    I have, however, always had timely cycles and nothing out of the ordinary on or off Depo.
  3. I have been on Depo for about 6 years. I don't usually get public about my health but here goes.

    The way my doc explained it to me: Depo places your ovaries in a resting state. At the time I needed it because of chemotherapy (for a chronic autoimmune illness); the Depo sort of shielded my ovaries from the risk of sterilization. Even after the chemo I've been on heavy-duty medication, so I just stayed on it. Then I got married, and I really had a reason to stay on it!

    You probably hear about spotting on Depo. I have had this problem before. It lasted 5-6 weeks, just enough every day to need one of those little liners. You probably also have heard about your period stopping. I have not had a real period in about 5 years. I don't know about the weight gain. I have had weight gain but it was probably more likely to other meds I am on because of my illness.

    I like Depo. It is easy to remember. I never had some of the issues that other women have with PMS. I don't think I would recognize it, and it's become such a cliche that I almost feel like I would have to ask a doctor to explain what to look for if I had it. But even with my lack of PMS I gotta tell you I don't miss having a period. I don't have to worry about traveling, vacations, or unpleasant surprises.

    Now, if you forget a shot and it is after your time window has elapsed, the measures are pretty draconian. They make you abstain for 4 weeks (I think that's the right number) and then take a pregnancy test. So just don't forget. :thumbsup: Also it may take a while to get pregnant after you go off of it; the official literature says "within 18 months", which may be too long for some people.

    Good luck. If you are having it in conjunction with Essure you may not have to worry about some of the stuff that I wrote. :)
  4. I've been on Depo for over seven years. They started me on it after my period started (to insure I wasn't pregnant at the time). It shut off my period like a faucet, and other than very light bleeding right before the next shot was due for the next two shot cycles (13 weeks per shot) I haven't had a period since then. After those first two shots, not even any breakthrough. Can't say as I miss it. I don't know if it has any effect at all on skin and breakouts, I never noticed any difference. And I know some girls who have gained a lot of weight while on Depo, but they had horrible eating habits to begin with. I never gained any from the Depo.

    I'm sure you know it's a intra muscular shot. I usually opt to get it in my shoulder which surprises the nurses, but my hips are pretty arthritic (yeah, I'm only 30:upeyes: ) and I don't need any additional discomfort there.

    Good luck...with all of it!:)
  5. Im gonna sound like Deb here...I had the IUD for about a year, and I remember I didnt like it, but I can't remember WHY. :rollingeyes:

    I never had the Depo so I can't speak to THAT, but I take the seasonale, and I LOVE only having 4 periods a year. Especially since the whole reason i need it is because i have horrible, ridiculous, periods. 2 a month, one that lasts 10 days, ones that are so heavy they test for miscarriage, that kinda stuff...:ack:
  6. Thanks SO much for all of your replies! The Depo shot was definitely uneventful. I opted to have it in my arm, and I barely felt the needle. The are simply giving it to me to thin out the lining of my uterus to help with the Essure procedure in 2 weeks. Plus, since it takes 3 months for the doctor to be sure that Essure worked (my tubes are blocked with scar tissue), the Depo shot will also serve as birth control for most of my Essure waiting period. I'm gonna get free samples of bc pills too so that I can start taking them when the Depo is supposed to be wearing off. Until I get the ultrasound and it is confirmed that my tubes are blocked, I'm not taking any chances!! :)
    Thanks again!

  7. For me (and I'm used to things going this way, medically & otherwise) it was NOT so great. I bled almost constantly, and cramped BADLY the entire time -> for a full year to 13 months! Luckily my then-ob/gyn wasn't yet afraid of the big, bad, stupid DEA....so I got to spend that year+ literally living on Darvocet highest strength and Rx Anaprox (no OTC Aleve back then).

    One lesser-known side effect of Depo (at least back then, things MAY have changed) was significant hair loss. At the start of my Depo year, I could nearly SIT on my hair (a life-long dream, btw) and it was fully, thick and incredibly healthy (probably a carry over from my pregnancy, and kiddo was ~ 2yrs. old at that time). Well, wonder of wonders, I literally lost 2/3rds of my hair, full length hairs, root to tip.

    So.... I ended up cramping awful and bleeding 99% of each month, and nearly bald (or at least, so it felt!).

    But, YM will likely vary :thumbsup: I have one of those 'systems' that (a)simply refuses to believe it's been given ANY medication no matter the nature or type, and (b)if there is a medical 'wierdness' to be had w/something, there's about a 90% chance I will have it. Example: had a total placentia previa - was told that happens in about 1 in 300-400 pregnancies :upeyes:
  8. Mel, BOTH my boys had true knots in their cords...happens in less than 1% of all pregnancies. :upeyes: :rollingeyes:
  9. WOW, thanks for the Depo story! I am only getting the one shot. The only reason I got it is because it helps to thin out the uterin lining better than other hormonal contraceptives. They want my lining as thin as possible when they perform the Essure procedure (putting a coil in each of my tubes). After we confirm that the Essure coils have blocked my tubes, I don't have to use any other form of birth control ever again. Whew!:supergrin:

  10. Kiddo's cord was around his neck, they said - reason for the fetal decells... "cord compression", ah yes, fetal distress was just peachy-NOT. Since then, I've just believed that the reason he's so incredible is because we had to suffer through such a miserable and complicated/high-risk pregnancy (complete with gestational anorexia, pre-term labor, "failure to progress", never dilated beyond 4-5 cm., etc.) and gawd-awful C-section situation, and horrendous recovery (I was still the walking dead @ six wk. checkup).

    My theory: I earned one helluva reward :thumbsup:
  11. and you're right, you sure got a great one! :hug::hearts:
  12. All of you were SO lucky. We had neighbors that were headed for divorce and decided, for God knows what reason, that they should have a second child to try to save their marriage. She was full term and went to her OBGYN on a Friday to get a checkup and everything was fine. On that next Monday, since she hadn't gone into labor, she went back for another appointment. There were going to decide whether to induce. They couldn't find the baby's heartbeat. After tests, it showed that the cord had wrapped around the baby's neck and killed it. Shortly thereafter, they put their house up for sale and divorced. I can't imagine going through something like that.
    I'm SO glad that all of you had happier endings!