Minnesota Duck Update 10/27/03

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    Jun 13, 2003
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    Northwest Minnesota has got a lot of action starting to kick in. With the long warm fall we've been experiencing, the ducks have had little reason to move. That all changed on Saturday, 10/25. The snow rain and wind came in like a hurricane, behind that has been more regular Oct/Nov weather. Potholes above the St Cloud area are frozen, so ducks are beginning to move back onto big water. Bills, Cans, Widgeon and Mallards are starting to drop south as the cold weather continues it's march. Strangely enough, there were many Teal still around northwest of Alexandria last weekend. We limited on Green Wings and Green Heads. I've never seen Teal this late in the year. The Mallards we shot were northern birds with their large size and double curl tails.
    Hunters in the southern parts of the state should start seeing an increase in movement. Down near the cities it's been a slow fall after the initial locals were shot up.

    All for now, happy hunting!
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    Mar 1, 2002
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    I hunt on the border between Upper MI and WI. Last weekend, I got a bunch of those northern mallards, and two greenwing teal. I know the mallards were from "up north", as they were in big flocks (local birds don't bunch up in groups of 30-40 birds), and had their full green plummage on their heads, and those double curled tails. All the local greenheads are long gone... I went 5 days in a blind seeing nothing but a few stragglers and a few woodies. Then last weekend, all hell broke loose. Big flocks of mallards were everywhere. I had two motorized dekes out, along with another two dozen reg. mallards, and a half dozen magnum honker decoys. The greenheads didn't circle, I never touched my calls... they spotted my spread, set their wings and headed right in... like they'd never seen decoys before. My Lab was out fetching a downed bird, and another flock came in and almost landed all around her. She damn near grabbed a mallard hen, right out of the air. Had she been on dry land, and that duck was that close, she would've had it. ;f

    I hope this weekend is just as good as the last one. :)

    BTW, I too was very surprised to see teal still around, while the northern mallards are coming south. No bluebills or other divers yet, however.