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Once again doing a little cleaning and thought I would offer a couple things for sale here. The items are in great shape and were purchased while I was trying to figure out a viable carry method for a Glock 19. They are all for a right handed shooter and have 1.5” belt loops.

1. Milt Sparks 55BN, black right handed with FBI cant for a Glock 19. I wore the holster a few times but it looks like new. $85.00 OBO shipped.SOLD

2. Milt Sparks #17 Mag Carrier for Glock 9/40 Magazines, black designed to be worn on the left side with bullets facing forward. $40.00 OBO shipped.SOLD

3. JM Custom Kydex IWB#2, Right hand black kydex for a Glock 19. $50.00 OBO shipped.SPF

4. JM Custon Kydex OWB#2, Right hand black kydex for a Glock 19. $50.00 OBO shipped.SPF

5. Garrett Industries Silent Thunder Slim for a Glock 43, right hand. $50.00 OBO shipped.SPF

All prices include shipping with tracking info provided. I prefer payment via PayPal (Goods and Services Only) or USPS Money Order. If paying with Paypal if you want to include a little to offset their fees I would appreciate it. Pictures below, hopefully in order of the ad. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me, thanks for looking.

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