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Military Surplus

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All prices include shipping CONUS. Paypal +4% or USPS Money Order.
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USGI 2 quart canteens and covers. Some new, some used, some OD covers, some Tan covers. Have 12 to sell. $8.00 each

Israeli issue OD rectangular canteens,new, have 2. $8.00 for both.SPF

French camo pants , new XL $10.00 SPF

German Flecktarn camo poncholiner ,near new.$10.00

Nylon version of US WW-2 Jungle Pack. 1 in black, 1 woodland camo,
near new. $10.00 each.

USGI brown Polypro pants XL, near new & brown Polypro headover SPF

Used camo poncho, have 2. $8.00 each

USGI Poleless litters,OD, have 2. $12.00 each.

USGI OD nylon buttpack,used, $7.00

MOLLE pouch for PRC-126 rado, woodland camo, near new. $8.00

Nylon "Jungle 1st Aid" plastic case & pouch, have 2 $7.00 each.

VS-17 panel marker, new. $10.00

Claymore Mine bags, have 9. $6.00 each.

Used Medium ALICE pack, woodland camo $15.00

Used Medium ALICE pack, woodland camo, OD straps $15.00

New Medium ALICE pack in Malaysian camo $15.00

All prices include shipping CONUS, Thanks for looking.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts