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Mid-Atlantic Tactical Conference, Oct

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    Mid-Atlantic Tactical Conference, 2010
    9-10 October 2010, Culpeper, Virginia

    For over a decade, Rangemaster has played host to the annual Tactical Conference, which has become one of the premiere training events in the US. Originally held in Memphis, the 2009 and 2010 events moved to the fabulous facilities of the United States Shooting Academy, in Tulsa, OK.

    We are pleased to announce that in 2010 we will also host the Mid-Atlantic Tactical Conference, in scenic Culpeper, Virginia, on October 9-10, 2010. This event will be held on a private range complex, in a rustic, historic area a short distance south of Washington, DC. This is a beautiful area, with abundant activities available for family members of conference attendees.

    The Mid-Atlantic Tactical Conference will be a fantastic learning opportunity for serious students of the defensive arts. We are proud to announce a total of eighteen professional trainers will be presenting two hour or four hour blocks of instruction over the course of the weekend. These blocks of instruction will include live-fire range sessions, hands-on physical training, and classroom presentations. Attendees may participate in as many instructional blocks as they wish, throughout the weekend. Pick the topics that interest you and take as much training as you can fit into two full days.
    Instructors and their topics include:
    Southnarc *- “Managing Unknown Contacts” and “Vehicle Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu”
    Tom Givens- “Advanced Pistol Skills”, live fire, range
    Paul Gomez- “Operating the AK” live fire on the range
    Claude Werner- “Mousegun Deployment”, live fire, range
    Cecil Burch- “Fundamentals of Street Grappling” and “CM Boxing”
    Rob Pincus- “Combat Focus Shooting”, live fire, range
    Mike Brown- “Clinch for the Weapons Based Environment”, mat room
    Paul Sharp- “Enhancing MMA for the Tactical Environment”, mat room
    Ryan Mayfield- “Comprehensive Edged Weapons Countermeasures”, mat room
    Skip Gochenour- “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” dealing with home invasions and invaders, classroom
    John Hearne- “Offenders Who Kill, Training Implications” classroom
    “Belisarius” *- “Decision Making for Multi-Disciplinary Training” classroom
    William Aprill- “Violent Actors, Violent Acts, a Psychological Overview” classroom
    John Murphy- “Pre-Incident Criminal Behavior”, classroom
    Michael DeBethencourt- “Snub Revolver Skills”, live fire, range
    Chris Fry- “Carbine Combatives” , live fire, range
    Larry Lindenman- “Blunt Force Trauma: Translating FMA with the pressure based model”
    Chris LeBlanc- “Through the Fatal Funnel: Reflections on the TPI Paradigm, Mindset, and Gunfight Recovery” classroom

    This line-up is a “dream team” for the true integrated training practitioner. Attendees will polish their skills in firearms, MMA techniques, pre-fight positioning and management, and mindset development. Cost is only $195.00, and advance registration is required. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to train with a diverse group of professionals, whose skills cover the full spectrum of self defense. After registration, you will receive hotel information, a schedule of events, and directions to the locations.

    For a registration packet, contact Lynn Givens at 901-370-5600, or at Don’t delay. This event is already half full, and will fill well in advance. If you want to attend, the time to register is now.