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MicroTech UltraTech DE / Black / Serrated Edge - FS - NIB

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by dengel, May 28, 2003.

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    Greetings -

    One Brand new MicroTech Ultra Tech Double Edge, out-the-front automatic opening knife, black in blade color with serrations. Kinfe is completely pristine, and comes complete with warranty card, original white box, soft fuzzy black case and wrapped in the plastic from the factory. The knife has been opened and closed maybe 10 times total, and other than that, its totally mint .. never used to cut anything or carry anywhere. Dated as of 3/2002 and serial number is 0540. Also, knife comes with belt clip on other side.

    The UltraTech is Microtech's newest and greatest OTF knife. The Ultra Tech features super fast deployment and retrieval. Microtech's new OTF design has no cocking or spring loaded levers to pull. This slim beauty is all self contained. Slide side button forward for release, the blade will auto lock. Slide the button to the rear and the blade will auto retrieve. The UltraTech is compact, light, and Microtech reliable. 154CM Blade is 3.45" and is black BC (Boron Carbide).

    Finish, edge, case, tip, and serrations are 100% perfect.


    The price for this really neat knife $350 + $6.00 shipping / Insurance would be additional if desired. If bought brand new, cost is usually $400+