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is a nice guy!
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Microtech Executive Scarab DE Blk Tactical.

Very nice knife overall and I have had a lot of OTF microtechs in my day.

Comes with a new condition/unused burn pin wrench and sheath.

I may be able to find box and papers but no promise here at all as to box.

New condition-never used in any way but has been fired a few times for function check,excellent lock up and fire.

425.00 shipped

Strider SMF...100% NEW never used in any fact it has only ben opened a few times. Excellent fit and finish,lock up and center.

400.00 shipped


is a nice guy!
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Microtech 380.00

SMF 385.00

Truly one of the best knives if not the best we have ever seen in the industry. These are not your father’s pocket knife. They are precision tools that are built better than an Abrams Tank but just happen to be knives. These knives are so well built that the SMF has become the official knife of the Marine Corps new MCSOCOM DET 1.

Overall length (open): 9.00" SMF
Overall length (closed): 5.65" SMF
Blade length: 3.875" SMF
Cutting surface: 3" SMF
Blade thickness: .190" SMF
Blade material: CPMS30V
Weight: Knife 5.6 oz. SMF

Design Features:
• Purpose oriented overall geometry for enhanced operational characteristics as well as increased retention under usage
• Milled G10 block interface with titanium eliminates the need for spacers, in turn increasing strength and reducing likelihood of failure resulting from lost hardware
• Extra large pivot pin ensures strength in all directions of applied force
• Designed for positive, functional deployment via "two hand safe open"© technique or via one handed opening if necessary
• Forward mounted bump stop for increased resistance to pressure applied in the opening direction
• Weight to size ratio. Large size with minimal weight due to lightweight material application
• High performance material composition of all American Made stock
• Strider Knives designed pocket clip with indexing tab and single large fastener.
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