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Michigan firearm season opener and a new camp record doe.

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At 8:15 opening morning, November 15, I had two does and three fawns in two shooting lanes in front of the blind I was hunting. Dropped the largest doe. She was a new camp record of 122 pounds field dressed, breaking the old record of 116 pounds. Took a second doe the evening of Nov 16, that field dressed 90 pounds and a third doe the morning of Nov 17, that dressed 86 pounds. A very successful three days in the woods.

All three were shot with a Thompson Center Icon in .308 shooting a Hornady 150gr SST Interlock.
Wood Tree Carnivore Fawn Trunk

Snow Wood Plant Branch Tree

Wood Gesture Tree Twig Trunk
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Since I have relocated from Texas to Florida. I have lost interest in hunting. Nothing to really hunt down here. With the exception of hogs. But every time I get out of state to either Georgia, or back to Texas that feeling quickly returns.
I have spent a lot of time trying to find Property owners that are willing to let others hunt on their land. I do miss varmit hunting though.

I envy you guys a lot.
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