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MI 3 Gun Shotgun & 3 Gun Championships

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August 16th & 17th Championships

8 Stages of Tactical Shotgun on Saturday and 8 Stages of 3Gun/Multi-Gun on Sunday
You can shoot either or both days
You must be pre-registered
starts after 7:30 am
RO walk through at 8:00 am
Shooter’s meeting at 8:45 am
Shooting begins at 9:00 am
We have our Dark Shoot House Facility ready, you can use a Rifle with a gun mounted weapon light attached, or a Handgun with gun mounted or a hand held light. I will have a couple of hand held lights available if you need one to use. Inside the dark house, you will have to determine good from bad, keep that in mind, it won’t be that easy. There will be lots of Smoke, Fire and maybe some explosions to deal with this weekend. Not beyond the realm of possibilities are trip wires, mines and other surprises. Our helo just might take flight, but it most likely will be a bumpy ride, also plan on breaching some doors and locks. You can look forward to lots of running and gunning, sometimes pulling, dragging, a little stabbing, riding and then just standing or sitting, but don’t get to comfortable, things can change in a hurry
The total round count for the Shotgun Championship is 124 Rounds
118 Birdshot rounds
6 Slug rounds
The total round count for the 3 Gun Championship is 204 Rounds
Many of the stages you will be able to select which and how to use your guns
Here are the individual maximum targets available for each gun
Rifle – 130 rounds
Pistol – 133 rounds
Shotgun – 62 Birdshot rounds
This may change slightly once things are set up on Friday & Saturday
So bring extra ammo just in case – a really good idea
Thank You
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I went out to the range today to help get things ready for the match next weekend, and all I can say is WOW. This is going to be a great match. Brymer has lots of plans to keep the shooters on their toes. The COF sound real challenging.

This is one NOT to miss.
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