Mi 3 Gun Match - September 9th

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    September 9th MI 3 Gun Match
    We’re back to 3 Gun after a great Shotgun Championship.
    This is the last match before the Michigan 3 Gun Championship.
    We are doing a theme this match; you the shooter will solve the problem. Here is what to look forward to. You will have a problem to solve in front of you, it may be visible or it may be hidden. You will have a start position and from then on you will have to solve the problem with what you have on you or can find on the way. The decision will be yours as to what weapon or means to implement.
    Well this is what you get to look forward to this month. It will be more difficult to access ammo necessary for the match, because everyone could solve it a different way. We have 6 stages again, each stage you will have a choice of 2 guns. The minimum total round count will be 169 rounds for the match; of that it could be any combination with the maximum targets available for handguns of 152 rounds, Rifle of 99 rounds and Shotgun of 70 birdshot shells.
    Here are some things you might see this month; you’ll encounter numerous dwellings with doors and windows to navigate with threats and non threats everywhere. We have a bunker to help steady that rifle for some long range head shots. How about shooting the lock off a gate, but don’t let the dogs out. Lastly, maybe practice some loading skills, it could be stressful.
    If you are able to help setup on Saturday or RO and shoot the match on Sunday, contact me, I have a special deal for you. mailto:[email protected]
    Sign up starts at 8:30 am, shooters meeting at 9:45 and shooting begins at 10:00 am.
    Check out www.mi3gun.com for info, Pictures and Video
    We are hosting the Michigan 3 Gun Championship on October 14th
    8 Stages of Challenging Multi-Gun Fun
    Pre-registration is necessary, we are limiting the number of shooters
    Applications are available on our website
    Any questions check out www.mi3gun.com See you there!!!