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July 20th 3Gun Match

I’m sorry for not getting this out earlier
As some of you may know we had some range damage, so we’ve been building a new
Dark Shoot House Facility, including remote lighting, exhaust fan and 2 multi-use doors
This month we have 6 stages planned, including our dark house. You can use a Rifle with a gun mounted weapon light attached, or a Handgun with gun mounted or hand held light. I will have a couple of hand held lights available if you need one to use. Inside the dark house, you will have to determine good from bad, keep that in mind. You’ll also have to breach a door, shoot a lock off a gate, rescue a pilot and shoot your way out of a card game. We are also introducing a Buckshot stage; you’ll need a minimum of 10 rounds of Buckshot.
If you want to help Set-Up, RO and Shoot the Match, Let me know
We take care of those that help with a special program at the club
We had a large turn out last month and we ran 6 squads – we need RO’s
starts after 8:30 am
RO walk through at 9:00 am
Shooter’s meeting at 9:45 am
Shooting begins at 10:00 am
You’ll have to remember from last year,
Some stages you will select which and how to use your guns
Our philosophy is to establish a problem solving scenario
These are your tools – You solve the problem
Here are the individual maximum targets available for each gun
Rifle – 80 rounds
Pistol – 66 rounds
Shotgun – 42 Birdshot and 10 Buckshot rounds
This may increase slightly once things are set up on Saturday
So bring extra ammo just in case – a really good idea
I’ll be throwing things in this year to simulate real problems
Challenging your ability to overcome them
Don’t forget about our Tactical Shotgun and 3Gun Championships
It is only 1 month away
We are doing a CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND – AUGUST 16th & 17th
To make it more convenient for our out of town guests with their travel expenses
8 Stages of Tactical Shotgun on Saturday and 8 Stages of 3Gun/Multi-Gun on Sunday
You can shoot either or both days
We’ve passed the discount date, but I’ll give you one last chance for the savings
Sign-up Sunday at the Match, you will get the discounted Match price
Check out the website for info
We have refined our FAQ pages to be more informative
Take a look at our Pictures and Videos
Thank You
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