Mi 3 Gun Championship Match - October 14th

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    Feb 2, 2007
    Hi Folks,

    We have some announcements to make about our Michigan 3 Gun Championship match coming up on Sunday, October 14th. Due to various factors including staffing, budgetary constraints, and the overall Michigan economy making shots in the D zone, we have decided to scale back just a bit.

    The Championship Match is changing as follows:

    First, it's cheaper! We are reducing the cost to $30 if you pre-register before October 1st. After October 1st, entry will cost $40, and entries will be taken all the way up until the morning of the match, or until we max out at approximately 80 shooters. Please help us to plan appropriately for enough food, beverages, and staff by getting those applications in as soon as you can.

    Second, it's still 8 great stages! Same shooting (a LOT), less money, win-win.

    Third, no real-time scoring. Scores will come out that night or the following day like usual. The plus side is that the awards for the top finishers will be personalized, rather than generic, and will go out to folks the week after the match.

    Fourth, no T-Shirts. Sorry folks, we aren't able to get shirts designed and printed for the match this year.

    To those that have already registered: We can't thank you enough for getting on board on-time! We hope you will stay registered and will accept a refund of the extra match fee you pre-paid, and likewise if you sent in money for a Shirt. As a small token of our gratitude for helping to get this match off the ground, you will receive a free T-shirt for next years championship match.

    Thank You,