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Mexicans don't want Americans to come to their country

  1. No problem we will stay her just send illegals back to Mexico.
  2. No problem. Happy to oblige.
  3. :rofl:

    We should flood the border in mass just for sh!ts and giggles!
  4. Never thought I'd see that headline
  5. We must be living in the opposite dimension.
  6. now they know how it feels, need to call their leaching country men home
  7. Just remember this thought when this all gets over and those hotels in Cancun end up like the Aztec temples once the jungle swallows them all.
  8. I heard people of Mexican decent are 10x as likely to get the virus anyway, go home to mama mexico and live:flag:
  9. Like we really want to go there...
  10. Mexico is doing nothing to curb the spread of C19. Their president doesn't see the need.

    I have no problem not going there--3rd world corrupt Latin American country? No gracias...
  11. You couldn't get me there at gunpoint. I'm always amazed by how many Americans still vacation in Mexico.
  12. NO....NO....Nope No way Keep the Mexicans in Mexico CLOSE THE BORDER
  13. 556351C8-6F2D-44BF-8D97-4C0F7356902C.jpeg So the Mexicans don’t want Americans there because it presents a health risk and possible subsequent economic problems?

    maybe overrun their healthcare system?

    well, that reminds me of a similar situation

    at least we won’t ruin their schools
  14. I can get him a good deal on a wall.
  15. I am all confused now.
    Does this mean all Mexicans are racist now?

    Or does this mean the even the Mexicans are more American than democrats?
  16. Oh well, bidshing and moaning aside, ...the cartel will bail out some of them and others not so much. Either way I stay in my home sweet home and dont plan to visit tacoland anyway.
  17. Good trade, we send them 11 million, he evicts a few thousands, maybe a few tens of thousands. Don
  18. Mexico is a corrupt, third world country. Although I live very close, I have zero desire to go there ever again.
  19. Maybe they will build the wall after all?
  20. The feeling is mutual, the last thing the U.S. needs is any more brown third world **** hole people bringing their third world problems with them. Mexico is such a **** hole, even other **** holes would consider Mexico to be very ****ty.
  21. I'm gonna swim over and when I get there I want my free stuff.


  22. Screenshot_2020-03-27-08-38-32-1.png
  23. Good. Someone should start a bookface group for storming Mexico to combat racism. Maybe they will build a wall.
  24. Mostly this..why the F*** would I WANT to go there lol...get strung up by the cartel? End up in jail for no real reason to their 90% CORRUPT LE agencies? Go someplace i dont understand what they are saying..Im trying to think of a actual reason to go there and im coming up empty....Maybe get them to chip in to build the wall faster???
  25. On of our pressmen went down to Mexico for the weekend and now he can't get back. Gotta go through quarantine, etc. He'll be gone a while unless he can dig or climb.
  26. Like storming Area 51, but actually show up. :rofl:
  27. Well, according to the leftwing loons, this makes Mexicans RACIST.

    In their world, it's that simple.

    I've never been to Mexico, and I've never had any desire to go there. I've also never had any desire to visit any other dangerous ****hole.

    The area where I grew up in Chicago is already like a Mexican colony, and has been for decades. That's as close as I care to go.
  28. What do you mean they are doing nothing. They are refrying the refried beans
  29. Do ya hafta “press 1 for Spanish” down there?
  30. No Problem..................
  31. Americans should go to Mexico, since all the illegals are here. We could start over in a empty country...LOL
  32. This.

    Zero dollars spent in Mexico in over 20 years.
  33. So why isn't AOC screaming that this is RACIST!!!!
  34. The nicest thing I can say is F them.......
  35. You know what would happen? We would make it prosperous and the would run America into the ground. THEN they will try to come south again for jobs, etc.

    Don’t blame other ppl for the problems you failed to fix where you came from. :dancingbanana:
  36. no problemo amigo

    I haven't been to a 3rd world ****-hole country since 1970

    I just hang with my legal hispanic friends here. they don't like the iileagle aliens either
  37. Cant say I'd blame them.
  38. I've visited Mexico many times....and have no desire to go back. I'm good with this. In fact, if the US government wants to keep my $1200.00 to use to build a wall to keep us here....Do it!