Mexican jail

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    On a business trip in Mexico, three men get drunk and wake up in jail to
    learn they will be executed, although none of them can recall what they
    did to deserve it.

    The first man put in the electric chair is asked for his last words.
    "I'm from Yale Divinity School, and believe in the power of God to intervene
    on behalf of the innocent."

    The switch is thrown, but nothing happens. The jailers figure God wants
    the man alive and they let him go.

    The second man is strapped in. "I'm from Harvard Law School, and believe
    in the power of justice to intervene on behalf of the innocent."

    The switch is thrown; again, nothing. The jailers think the law is on this
    man's side, so they let him go.

    The last man says, "Well, I'm an electrical engineer from MIT, and you're
    not electrocuting anybody if you don't connect those two loose wires
    down there."
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    I heard that one but with an american a frenchman and a pollock.

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    What did the fish say? You wouldn't be using a derogatory slur here, would you? Perhaps you meant an American, a Frenchman (or Frog) and a Pole? Dictionaries are those big books full of words:

    Main Entry: pol·lack
    Variant(s): or pol·lock /'pä-l&k/
    Function: noun
    Inflected Form(s): plural pollack or pollock
    Etymology: Middle English poullok, perhaps from Scottish Gaelic pollag or Irish pollóg
    Date: 15th century
    1 : a commercially important north Atlantic food fish (Pollachius virens) related to and resembling the cods but darker
    2 : a commercially important northern Pacific food fish (Theragra chalcogramma) of the cod family that closely resembles the pollack -- called also walleye pollack