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Meprolights, Glockmeister and production date check

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Hi there

I've decided to upgrade my Glock and get the night sights for it. The choice goes for Meprolights and I see Glockmeister have them on stock.
I read on GT, tritium goes dim over period of time. Before I buy the sights I'd like to check the manufacture date.
Is it imprinted somewhere on the box?
Also, what is your experience with Glockmeister as far as sights installation goes?

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Half life of tritium is around 12 years.
Glockmeister is top notch, I'm sure they keep "fresh" sights in stock.
I install my own.

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Meprolights are warranted for 12 years. Keep your receipt. Ask the customer service rep @ Glockmeister for the mfg. date if that's important to you. I have 4 or 5 sets and I do not see any mfg. date on the packaging. Lastly Glockmeister is one of the premier suppliers of Glock parts and accessories and enjoys a great reputation. As an example, I purchased a Glock subcompact from them recently and they changed out the grooved trigger for a smooth trigger at no charge. If you so a search on this board I think you will find only positive comments regarding them. Hope this helps you with your decision.
I sent my 21 to Glockmeister on a Thursday to have Mepros and an extended slide release put on, which if I realized how easy it was wouldn't have bothered. Anyways sent it off and got it back the following Tuesday. The sights were put on correctly and do their job as far as hitting what I aim at. They were great on the phone, explained how they'll put the sights on with a pusher and the loctite, etc., which I really enjoyed cause I had no idea how it all worked. But I was really amazed at how fast I got my 21 back. They got it Friday and I had it Tuesday!! Awesome company would recommend them 1000 times over.
Thank you all for reply.
mvician - did you use any special "rear-sight-tool"? Also, is there specific wrench required to mount front sight? Or maybe those are included as a kit?
elde - I realize Glockmeister has great reputation and did not want to question that. Haven't seen a complain on GT on them.
Guatariccan - did you send the whole gun or just slide? Was it overnight as required for a gun?

I sent in the whole pistol, minus the magazine of course. UPS Next day air to Arizona from Texas, which I believe is standard shipping procedure for firearms.
Thank you all for reply.
mvician - did you use any special "rear-sight-tool"? Also, is there specific wrench required to mount front sight? Or maybe those are included as a kit?


I use the MGW rear sight tool. Bought one a few years ago "used" for a good price and have removed/installed many rear sights with it. A good investment if you plan on multiple GLOCKs or have friends with GLOCKs that you could hit up for a few bux to change their sights. :supergrin:

Depending on what brand sights you get some (like Ameriglo) come with a sight tool. Otherwise it's a few bux to buy one, or if you have a thinwall 3/16" nut driver, you can use that.
Not Meps but I just got Trijicons put on my G-22, and am sending out my G-27 this week, three week turn around and they send you a date stamped card with your returned slide warrenting your sights for 12 years.
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