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Member pics here please...........

  1. Let me try that again
  2. Here we go,
  3. Maybe one day. No pics for now.
  4. .
  5. Your faces look like the mirror that the Romper Room lady had.


  6. This is me at the SHOT show in Vegas in 2006 (long story about the "Booth Babes") A friend in gunsnet named Rew is always taking his fam to a hooters in Colo, and posting pics of the hooters girls and himself and his fam, so when myself and another gunsnet member saw some "booth babes" at the Shot Show I had to have my pic took for Rew. :) So all told of the hundreds of pics I took for gunsnet I got about 6 with myself and booth babes.

  7. So...where are the rest of them?
  8. as in the other booth babe pics?

    I've never been to a hooters but do have this