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Medical/Surgical Mission

  1. Hi guys, just wanna ask if you thought of doing some sort of a medical/surgical mission that would cater for a specific poverty stricken area in the philippines? you know, something like sponsored by BOGS. I think its a cool idea to impart a part of ourselves to others. I dont know. just asking.:) if you guys do have a plan for something like this, you can count me in.
  2. nice idea po. i'll help in any way i can if this pushes through.
  3. yeah, well i hope it does push through.
    i also belong to another club, its the mercedes benz club in the philippines and we were actually able to put up a half-day medical mission which catered to the poor somewhere in marikina. that was 2 years ago.
    well, its nice to help other people too.:)
  4. ako naman po kasali sa biker group dito sa bulacan. a few times na po sila nag organize ng drive for relief goods etc. sa mga victims of calamities like recent storms and flashfloods. once pa nga nagpunta kami sa norzagaray for the ethnic group which lives inside the protected lands near the hyro dam there. the ride was nice and seeing the glow in their eyes is uplifting... sabi nga ng mga boxers e better to give than to receive...
  5. yes. correct. coz when you give a part of yourself to others, that will stay with them forever. it wont be easily forgotten.
  6. our BOG brother cebuboy & other Kamagong boys are doing regular medical missions in the mountainous barangays in Cebu along with their in-house gun club doctors & comrade reservist.
    Kaya nga lang sa Cebu sila naka stationed, kaya pasyal ka nalang sa Cebu by the time na nasa Pinas kana uli bro.:supergrin:
  7. really. that's great.
  8. We do medical/dental missions from time to time, If you like you are welcome to join us and learn some new stuff :)

    like this...