Medical School Humor

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    Ok, this one is kinda gross, so keep that in mind before reading.

    A doctor is giving the first lecture of the year at medical school (on medical detachment), and had a large group of 1st year students there. There is a corpse lying on a table under a sheet, which really keeps all the students interested throughout the lecture. At the end of the lecture, the doctor pulls back the sheet revealing the naked corpse.

    The doctor says to the students, "There are two important lessons you must learn to be a doctor. The first, is that there is nothing on the human body that can gross you out." With that, the doctor sticks his finger up the corpse's butt, pulls it out, and licks it. "Remember, nothing on the human body can gross you out. Now, I want each of you to repeat as I did, or you will not pass this class, and will forfeit your medical major."

    Several students, decide that this is too much for them and quit the class, but the majority walk up, stick their finger in the corpse's butt, pull it out, and lick it. Several even vomit during and after the procedure.

    When all the students have completed this gruesome task, the doctor says, "The second thing you have to learn is observation. You all failed the second part of this task. You should have noted that I stuck my index finger in the corpse's sphincter, but licked my MIDDLE finger!"