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Media gushes over Kamala's boots, trashed Melania for same thing 2 years ago

  1. The EneMedia sucks.
  2. Well one is a beautiful lady with class. The other is a ho. But she’s their ho.
  3. Enjoy it while it lasts, Biden/Harris. This is as close as you will ever get. Thankfully, it will all be over soon, and you two can fade back into obscurity.
  4. I hope you're right, Sir.
  5. Good god does every petty BS argument have to be brought up time and time again? Seriously what is this country coming too? Equivalent of an elementary classroom is what it seems.

    Wha wha wha they are so wardrobe hypocritical too can you believe it? Oh my gawd..
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  6. Supermodel vs woof-woofs. Harris and Mike Obummer. The liberal mind is a dangerous and twisted place.
  7. Take the blue pill and go back to sleep. It will be ok.
  8. You disagree with people using a forum to discuss things? :rolleyes:
  9. this is nothing new, if you didnt know what michelle looked like but read the media about her you would come out thinking she's a super model's super model....let your own eyes decide on that note.. :drink:
  10. The Media has done irreparable harm to themselves with the majority of Americans...I don't see how this once noble profession will Ever regain the trust they once earned/enjoyed...and this is a terrible thing...to work for an industry which is knowingly hated by the populace...kinda like what many LEOs face every shift...and that is the conundrum, as one's behavior begat and fuels the hatred of the other....strange times indeed
  11. This side is no different from the left

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  12. Not at all but some things get really old especially when they are ridiculously petty

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  13. You can always ... just ignore the thread and move on. Nobody is forcing you to read and participate in tired old threads (as far as I know!).
  14. This so reminds me of popularity contests in Junior High School.

    People need to grow the F up!
  15. you realize that you have literally stooped to debating women’s footwear.
  16. I thought the same thing. How much more pitiful and pathetic are they going to go? Comparing women's shoes? This is really reaching bottom and continue digging.
  17. I fail to see how something that just happened can be "old". It is a VERY good thing that people now see and react to the EneMedia's bias.
  18. No, we're pointing out blatant media hypocrisy and double standards.

  19. Exactly.

    Some people look, but they do not see.
  20. Over women’s footwear
  21. You are deflecting.
  22. Melanie can even get close to Big Mike's tricepts. Don't know about Kamel's. :D
  23. Yup. The media finds it newsworthy, and it perfectly and beautifully illustrates their hypocrisy. It's a very minor thing, with no real bearing on real life, yet they point it out and praise the democrat for the same nothing that they rag on the republican for. Double standard, right there plain as day. Some refuse to see it, but I think lately more and more are starting to notice it.

  24. Literally, you are too stupid to insult.
    So I pity you and your poor family that has to put up with you.
  25. I am stealing the too stupid to insult comment :dancing:
  26. My lawyer will contact you with a contract for royalties and payments schedule.